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  1. Just for info, the brackets of a switch description indicate the momentry positions ie (ON)-OFF-(ON) is a center-biased three position switch. ON-OFF-ON is a three position switch with no bias.
  2. Thanks for the prompt replies folks. Macc Models seems the best option as they stock the sizes I need and prices are reasonable. Richard
  3. Hi, can anyone suggest a supplier for brass tubing and rod, specifically 10mm O/D and 6mm O/D brass tube or rod? I've looked on ebay, but most suppliers seem to be in the far east. Thanks, Sparks
  4. I have had several deliveries of PCB's (printed circuit boards) from China via FedEx and they have all arrived promptly. Generally leaving China mainland on Monday/Tuesday and being delivered on Friday morning the same week. Just saying....
  5. These steering modes are refered to as 'Crescent' and 'Star' steer. With Crescent steer, the vehicle will retrace its forward path in reverse. So, if you run the vehicle repeatedly forward and backwards the steering path will be crescent shaped (like a car). With Star steer, the steering direction is reversed when going backwards. So, if you run the vehicle repeatedly forward and backwards the steering path will be star shaped.
  6. Even if it is not a crack, its certainly a stress raiser.
  7. I'm watching with interest EB, please keep on posting.
  8. Michael, One more closure to report I'm afraid. Martin closed Whitchurch Models in may this year. A real loss.
  9. These are quite neat for small Motor/ESC connection 3 way X30 Connector
  10. Hi David, Here is an example of a servo operated micro switch. No doubt you could make your own bracket from a small piece of ali sheet.
  11. Try Model Maniacs https://www.modelmaniacs.co.uk/product/280-300-class-brushed-electric-motor/
  12. A point in favour of the Ruckus/Riots is that you can get spare parts from the supplier (Century).
  13. Just logged onto T9 and put the manual in the cart - postage is shown as £4.27 (to UK)
  14. T9 sell a printed manual. I find it much easier to use than on-line offerings. https://www.t9hobbysport.com/taranis-x9d-2019-opentx-2.3-user-manual
  15. Thanks flight1 and Frank, that's useful information. The width of the Diacover 1000 roll is 73.5cm compared to Oratex 60cm and is just right for covering each wing half of the Maricardo so I'll order some and give it a try.
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