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  1. No that does not look like an Enya 4c plug, I have about 4 of them, they seem to be as good as the OS type F. they look like this...
  2. Yep try it outside, my tacho does the same under florescent lights
  3. Right, it perhaps might be a good idea to block the rear one off, the reason for having the breather at the front is it will force oil through the caged rear bearing and into the cam gear area on it's way out. Having the second breather on the back plate will just allow the oil to take the path off least resistance, probably through that rear vent and not directing the lube to the front of the motor. There are a lot of Saitos with the rear vent only and they all run fine, however the majority of later engines have the front vent set up for the above reasons.
  4. No it's a 62A, the same as Glenn's with the older type cam housing.
  5. And the crank case breather ?
  6. Pretty sure that is a 62A, the B has a different crank case like this below. Is that a second crank case breather on the rear cover ?
  7. The 62A and B have a metal back plate, it was the early 72A and 82A that had the plastic back plate the later B's were metal. The main difference between the 62 A & B is the cam housing the A has the original lower style where as the B has the higher profile one that the cam drops into.
  8. Are you talking about the gas powered live afterburners ? have seen a few vids of them on Youtube.
  9. All saito singles are pretty much the same, here is an 82 rod, having a mark on both sides would just confuse things...... Simple dot faces forward.
  10. No Saito rods have a dimple that should face forward.
  11. "Martin, is your photo of another engine with this issue?" Yes Jon, that is a third engine, coincidentally he bought it BNIB last week. Having seen Fin's polishing work it does not seem to be an issue, still not a pretty thing to see on a new Saito though.
  12. The rods are out of stock at hobbyplastic !
  13. Looks more like a casting fault on that shot, my pals is the same !!
  14. Have to say looks like a crack to me, obviously the motor had not run, the assembly grease is undisturbed on the first photo. Still don't understand how they became cracked, I have two 62's but they are both the older "A" version. Have sent a link to this to a pal of mine who has just bought a BNIB 62b will see if I can get him to drop the back plate off his and have a look.
  15. Think you need to take one of rods out to have a closer look.
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