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  1. Test post with pic (from iOS Safari)… yep, works fine.
  2. Have you tried rebooting or using a different browser? In all probability this is more likely to be a local issue (unless the forum backend has been updated in the background without users being aware).
  3. You need to be a bit less nice IMO! Your generosity has been taken advantage of once, it will be again unless you protect yourself by some means. Think of it like the trolley pound that prevents trolleys going walkabout at some supermarkets, nobody thinks that is an imposition, they just accept it as part of keeping costs low.
  4. Jon, just a suggestion based on what happened last time... Request any testers pay the full retail price you are going to market it at, but offer them a rebate once they have completed x flights and given you their feedbackl. That should avoid too much "dusty shelf collecting" this time around. Matt (who doesn't own a single IC engine at this point, but might be tempted by a petrol 180 warbird in future)
  5. Please, let’s not go down that route again…!
  6. I’m sorry, but your oft stated view that it’s the approach to training that is the causing participation the hobby to drop is like claiming stamp collecting is dying out because people don’t like the taste of the glue…. Clarence is in the US; his beef seems to be with the US industry and AMA. Based on his posts to this forum and the content of his website I am not surprised they choose to ignore his offers/requests.
  7. Ask Andy Kunz on RCGroups, he develops the software for Spektrum TXs… https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2999782-Spektrum-iX12 https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=5584
  8. That seems a bit optimistic - their own latest figures indicate it's more like 10% in 200k miles, though there is a bit a variance across the different cell cehemistry and pack sizes they have made over the years. It's impoortant to remember though that EV batteries discharge at far lower rates and are managed far more carefully by their on board BMS', heat pumps etc. than our RC packs, which have a very hard life by comparison.
  9. Just click the underlined text in my original text, I just checked and it opens the PDF first time.
  10. Wow - this is big news, great work Mike. A question... Is there any way to convert OpenTX setups to erskyTX, even if it is not perfect? I have a lot of pretty complex setups on my Taranis and whilst I would be perfectly happy to do a detailed check on them for functionality after converting I wouldn't want to have to create them all again from scratch. Thanks again!
  11. It depends. If it's just servos you're burning in then obviously you can run them individually or in sets as required, it doesn't really matter. If I'm testing a BEC I've historically connected all the servos I could reasonably expect to operate simultaneously (i.e. 6 for a 4 servo wing F3X model) using Y-leads as necessary, then run the test. However, the last time I did this it was on a secondhand model and wanted to test loads on the servos in situ, so I utilised my Taranis instead. I setup (or downloaded, I can't honestly remember!) a servo testing model setup that exercised channels 1-16 with variety of options/speeds. I then disconnected the linkages to prevent anything getting overdriven and left it all to run for a couple of hours with telemetry logging enabled so I could see the effect on the RX battery voltage over time. It worked fine, and as I know you have a Taranis it may be worth you investigating this method; once setup the first time I find it easier than trying to find my servo tester and enough y-leads to do the job in the morass that is my office! OpenTX servo tester setups: Option 1 (maps to the video above) Option 2
  12. That should be fine, just make sure it can supply at least 3A peak and you should be good. I also run all my BECs and servos on a servo tester for at least 90 mins when I get them, as if they are going to fail they tend to do so early on (it does happen) - much better to fail on the bench than in the air!
  13. My Google-fu is working well today….
  14. QED… …and cropped to remove most of that weirdly coloured path!
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