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  1. I think I'd side with Nigel on this one....& change the servos... I had a similar issue with some HS81s on the ailerons of my lovely Pitts Special....they started chattering & after a bit of messing about with connections etc they stopped even though I never actually found "the problem". Sadly it came back whilst the model was in flight & I lost the model....still annoys me to this day...
  2. Oh yesterday leave me alone....! The Mini Super was the first model aircraft I ever saw fly.....powered by an Enya 19.... I built one a few years ago & did it in the same colours (Solartex to replicate the nylon of the one I saw)....no Enya 19 available so it got an outrunner in the front....
  3. A most excellent thread & a wonderful chance to wallow in a bit of nostalgia..... 1979 (so I would be 14) my R/C life started with a Mercury Matador powered by a 1.5cc DC Sabre (from a control line model) & fitted with Fleet 27 Mhz AM 3 channel gear (which was a Christmas present)..... Flying off Deane School playing fields (you could back then) in Bolton with a few other like minded souls the Matador taught me to fly. I forget what actually happened to it...I remember it was crashed & repaired a few times (getting heavier each time) & was fitted with a PAW2.5 diesel & then an OS15.....I have a vague memory of it spinning into the all weather pitch after a radio failure......
  4. Might be worth pointing out that as it foams it can move the components you are trying to glue.....best to clamp them securely until the glue is dry.....?
  5. Squeeze as much air as possible out of the bottle before replacing the cap. PU glue react with moisture in the air to foam & set...
  6. Glad you said that EB....I've just tried it & it works fine for me.....the PREV button does just that & takes you back to the previous page..... @DaveyP might you have pressed the << button by mistake?
  7. My thinking, Mick, was that perhaps your Subs ID wasn't logged with the site hence it would recognise you as a subscriber & thus deny you access to that part of the site. So if you log into the RCM&E site & click on My Account you can see your Subs id yes? If you can then we may need more help...?
  8. Chaps, I think this was mentioned in another post but in case you missed it, it seems the software doesn't like searching for anything less than 4 characters so "NGH" produces no results. Similarly "OS" produces nothing but "OS46" does.....as indeed does "O.S.".... The software will accept wildcard characters however so "NGH*" produces 58 results.... & "OS**" produces 3,664....? Hope that helps....
  9. Can you check you have a subscriber number Mick.....if you click on My Account on the RCM&E home page it should show your subscriber id...
  10. If you really get stuck John please get in touch with one of the moderating team...I'm sure we can help with a late edit if you need one but as EB says the edit time is now 20 mins so should be enough.....?
  11. John just in case you don't know there are in fact two sites...one for the Forum & one for the RCM&E Home page. Log into the forum as you normally would with your email address & password you used from the old site.....you should be able to log in no problem. For the RCM&E home page your password will be the same but your user name is your forum name...NOT your email address. If you enter John Bisset as your user name followed by your usual password it should let you in OK. If you still have problem please let me or one of the other mods know & we will try & help
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