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  1. Thanks for that Chris,I may have partially self remidied as when I did the initial bind I was using a 4.7nicad batt. to try it out:I have since hooked up an 11.4 lipo via an esc & servos work on 5 channels. As I'm not really up with using Tx that require lots of "button pressing" to establish various set-ups it may take me a while to "tell the Tx" that I fly with mode 2 & I may need to be able to use one of the "switches" to operate flaps or similar.I have found a web-site from which I have printed a few pages but following the "jargon" is a bit difficult for some of us not familiar with the digital age.
  2. Hey guys,&(gals)has any-one purchased a 2.4Ghz Turnigy TGY 9X radio recently?I have just brecieved mine & it will bind with rx but plugging servos into the rx & nothing works? The Tx has a module fitted already but I suspect the Tx has to be "activated" Any suggestions?
  3. Hi there fellas,I too had trouble with flaps once but have them sorted now.I find it hard to get the available "options" to change or lock in: I have been doing some slope soaring & can't get the air-brakes to retract & also can't get the noise (wind) to operate? Also when first switching on updates used to be available but not any more. My system is more than 12 months old; any suggestions?
  4. I have just recieved the small adapter to use my Art-Tec Tx & my Walkera 2801 but after setting up the Walkera every-thing worked except elevator, even though the orange bars on the set-up screen worked correctly? And I can't find a web site that answers questions about "set up" without going round & round in circles with FAQ's that don't relate to my problems. Help please chaps?
  5. Thanks fo that Mr.B.,"A session is going up now"?Please explain? Ross B.
  6. Hi guys,I have a Phoenix simulator but can't use at present as my DX6i Tx throttle does not work:what I would like to know is how to set up the system so that the "models" I wish to fly that have wings that face up on take-off then pivot 90deg.for flight; how do you set-up Tx for that? Also what are the protocols for participating in this (origonal from 2011)forum? More info please?Ross B.
  7. Well It sounds as though a lot of you "English chaps"are starting to have some fun over there.I can.t help but be reminded of where I was living down here in Tassie about 20 years ago & we were fortunate enough to be able to fly almost at our "back door" During a period while I was building our house in the southern midlands my buddy & I used to take our slope soarers up on to a ridge about 500 metres away from the house & sit amongst the serrated tussocks twiddling the sticks until the batteries were getting low then walk / fly down to the house,land in the back yard have a cup of tea & solve all the worlds problems. Its not as cosy now days & our cool weather is here so I'm a bit jealous just reading of the fun you chaps are having. Ross B.
  8. This is my second attempt tp "talk" to someone who has had any-thing to do with the coaxial Lama3 helicopter or similar
  9. Is there any-one out there with experience stting up a Lama3 coaxial heli?Mine has a couple of non user friendly habits with rudder control & the servos appear to be dodgy.All comments welcome
  10. Mmmmmm! What do I do next if the esc has gone into programming mode: am thinking it would be easier for me to use my F M gear. I have tried using an orange DMS2 & also the AR6100 spectrum. Changed the "model" type on Tx but still it eludes me? I'm sure it must be the operator;the Rx's have shown a reluctance to remain bound as well? At this point I figure I need to know the answer to the programming mode bit & then some other theories on esc set-up. Have no reason to think there is any-thing wrong with my gear/batteries as they all function well with other existing set-ups.Am sure its me as I have hooked up to a spare brand new mtr. esc set-up with same results. I was sure the 537 posting was going to work. The music give do ray me,short pause then one two, another pause then a bit of light ballod tune & mixture after that? I really do appreciate you chaps helping the frail & disabled.
  11. P S, I have an orange Rx which has a small port on the side for an "extension" cable. Baught it from H.K. but no info with it? Do I use the orange Rx with another component hooked up with it or have they sent the extra cable to confuse me?
  12. Thanks for that mate,I think I've been close a few times but am still struggling a bit with what is still pretty new technology for me. Hope the new year goes well for you.
  13. Well I thought I had it sorted but alas no joy:this is how I hooked up. Servo in elevator spot: bind plug in batt./bind spot: flight pack (that is esc hooked up to mtr. on one side & batt. hooked up on the other) hooked up to throttle spot on Rx via the BEC lead. Binding lever ld on while switching on Tx : bind plug removed as soon as Rx LED is solid : listen for the "tune" & try a variety of positions with throttle / trim but no joy. Have had the mtr running once but not in a controlled way. I'm sure its me thats the problem but can't see the forest for the trees: your further comments comments will be appreciated. Switching Tx on first did not allow binding? Tx is a Spectrum Dx6I
  14. thanks a lot chaps: will try all of those ideas. Have a great 2013.
  15. Have a new electric model that sings a lovely tune when binding but the motor does not run. There is no written info on how to adjust if at first there is no response from mtr. Have tried swapping leads to mtr. but no change. Happy new year to all flyers!
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