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  1. Pete, I did try lots of sauce variations on foam, and then on veneer, but I find the brush strokes frustrating and a bit time consuming to sand and the sauce takes quite a while to dry completely. I obviously need to learn to relax a bit with modelling and temper my impatience!
  2. Made various rookie finishing mistakes on the wing, but it now has a couple coats of primer on top of 25g glass, this seems to have sanded down ok enough for a matte or perhaps semi-gloss top coat. Am going to cheat with the pilot and have ordered a 3D printer once it and ultra simple cockpit bits done I'll have a go at gluing on the canopy which I am dreading a bit ...
  3. Phil, Do you put a grey primer on top of the sanded deep fill or go straight to the final colour? I was thinking about risking the latter. Mike
  4. Brilliant, will definitely try this, I would think this would be much more robust and a lot quicker than filler on XPS, then single 25gm2, which took me ages (partly due to me comming up the sanding/filling learning curve). It's far too easy to ding the unprotected foam when you are impatient with filler and sanding. Thanks for the tips Mike
  5. And using the brown paper is easier, lighter, quicker? than using multiple layers of glass cloth?
  6. glass looks really smooth, do you have to do much filling before covering in brown paper and glass? - am intrigued, as spent ages using filler on XPS then applying glass, then filling/sanding several times, followed by deep primer, more sanding ... still not sure I am doing it the best way. Does the density of the foam make a big difference - I seem to ding it really easily on the bench. Your finish already looks really good
  7. looks great. Bit of colour on the tips definitely helps. Had mine up last week - still my choice to take up if the wind is a bit iffy.
  8. Stuck the servos in the tailplane, a bit of a cheat, and a bit ugly. The 25g glass on top of quite light foam proved very difficult to neatly cut and I hadn't realised that I had selected the one bit of very light EPS I had in the garage for the tail So it ended up very messy looking but am not going to recut and cover new tailplane in heavier foam. Using a double layer of 25g glass at the critical bits may also have improved it. Looks fine from the top May just put filler over those ugly servo installations.
  9. Have not done much due to work, DIY, and for some not really wanting to carve/fill any more foam! However, finally attacked it a bit and did wing tips and centre fairing. The latter stumped me for a while because of horrible experience with laminated foam. If I'd been going the balsa route I would of just built up laminations on the underside of the wing and sanded to shape. After a lot of distraction activities, I ended up re-cutting the centre section on the foam cutter, fixing the bottom foam bits to the wing, and then hand-hot-wiring the bottom bit to fuselage shape using a couple of quick front and back templates. Worked out fine I think, if not very scale like, but still, it will stop the rear step of the fuselage digging up our Scottish hills Now I have to cover the wing with 25g glass.
  10. Changed my mind about the aileron linkages after seeing an F5J Aileron linkage video by flightcomp and decided to see if I could get hidden linkages without too much slop. After a lot of faffing I got it all fitted - but there is more slop than I would of liked - servo mounts are solid, but wee bit of slop in servo link/screwed rod, + a bit of movement in the servo output shaft. next time I will use more exposed aileron horns to lengthen the lever arm. I have some IDS drives but they looked a faff to fit in this wing but the external bearings would definitely help prevent the output shaft movement.
  11. Been slow going as the weather has been too good, so out in the garden and up the hill Am getting a little better at all this filling/sanding malarkey, but still seems to be going at the speed of treacle ... lol
  12. Allan, many thanks for sharing your investigations. I have a year old TX16s with two 18650s in it. Never thought to check the state of these cells after the charge light goes out! Will do now as I had some black screen problems recently (and I have a feeling that you can get at the cell voltages via the tx16 telemetry interface)
  13. Thanks Adrian. Finish looks very good, guess the trick is to keep the glue thin
  14. I built a cnc foam cutter recently as well for a project but just used it for the airfoils, so very interested to see your fab fuselage. Looks really nice. Did you have any problem with the gorilla glue when you sanded the fus? Or did you just keep the glue well away from the fus surface?
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