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  1. The Tadcaster club launched 11 - 9 RC and 2 Chuckie's. Several were very nervous about so many being up at once but all was well, not even a close call.
  2. Drizzle overnight but now stopped with a breeze so looking ok in Yorkshire - Good luck.
  3. Ace

    Electric Cars.

    With the growth in electric causing the government to lose 80p per liter in (total) tax, it won't be long before road pricing changes that. That equates to approx 7p per m. True its still way cheaper than ICE but comes at a upfront premium price for the moment. Change is coming that is for sure - how quickly now there is the 64,000$ question.
  4. Ace

    Electric Cars.

    Now retired from 30k pa I like Ron may occasionally do a 400 mile round trip a couple of times a year with 99% less than 200 per day. So my criteria is real world 250 range allowing for battery degradation over 10 yrs, flat area with seats folded, length to get a 6' fuselage on a stand in (wings divide at this size) which will be in the region of 1750/1800 cu ft. Prefer no highly sloped hatch reducing practicality. 2 wheel drive is fine as would 150-200 bhp. My Mondeo diesel estate meets all the above and should be good for another 5yrs+ so by then hopefully the manufactures will have expanded from premium executives into practical vehicles. Green badge, of course but as someone already mentioned the greenest option is the one you already have. Also not convinced the batteries now in service will be the mainstream chemistry settled on in the future. +1 for heated front screen - one of the best safety aids added - forget lane assist etc. just get a better unobstructed view.
  5. If you look at 3" sheet at both Slec and Balsa Cabin there is a better choice in stock.
  6. Steve Jones - much appreciated As an Autogyro novice 500mm blades seems the safest sensible decision - thanks all.
  7. Thanks for the reminder although I literally have everything in stock at 36" so was considering options to avoid an order/carriage.
  8. Outrunner - top tip Richard - erm now do I set the shorter blades aside to be ahead of the game !!!!!! Hopefully @Steve Jones 2 can share his experience regarding blade length in helping an honorary Yorkshire man make an informed decision?
  9. @Richard Harris On the plan the blades are 500mm (19.7") which means you can only get 2 from a 4" x 36" (910mm) x 1/4" sheet. If the blade length was reduced to 455mm (18") you could get 4. Question is, would blades just under 2" shorter still be acceptable or would you recommend sticking to the full 500mm length? Thanks
  10. (If a flat tail) How about taping a thin carbon rod to the tail to get an indication of its lie compared to the wing and motor thrust line?
  11. Slec do specific horns for V tails http://www.slecuk.com/accessories/control-horns/v-tail-horns if you want to use clevises? Not much use for torque rods
  12. I have both which they were welcome to have is why I asked the question - their loss as gone now.
  13. Boiling in ethylene glycol antifreeze worked extremely well for me - however it also removed most of the red on both my Irvine 53's leaving a very un manly pink tinge
  14. Ace

    Electric Cars.

    1 hybrid Corolla and 1 electric Leaf. The Leaf is now 10 yrs old. Early ones had a small battery/range. The original 80 mile ish range is now around 50 miles, which suits him as the field is only a 20 mile round trip. Diesel estates and SUV's still the most common.
  15. A legend Sadly killed in 85 during the making/filming of Top Gun
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