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  1. Well it seems there is a current supply shortage of balsa in the grades needed for modelling. Fortunately I have a buffer stock that means personally I've not run out. I remember in the 80s visiting Balsa Cabin's premises with 3 friends in a big Volvo estate (theirs not mine) to buy a "stock" of frequently used sheet and strip wood. It was a bit if an investment at the time when money was tight. Since then I have tried to keep the supply stocked up as and when wood was easily available. (When a nice piece was seen in a shop or at shows.) Some may say it's hoarding. But as I only replace what I use when wood is easily available I don't see it that way , its just common sense so I have the wood to build when I need it. So during lockdown I could get a model built when trips out were not possible.
  2. By the time you're finished Paul, it will be running better than it was new from the factory. What do you call it now - a ROSsEnya 120?
  3. Indeed screen pics are deceptive. Denis who has some film describes it as "lime green". So I'll just paint the existing light grey film on the model with the correct colour. Can check then before/ as the paint goes on.
  4. That's quite some interesting adaption Paul. I guess you will be modifying the NVA to be in a more convenient position once it is fitted in a model?
  5. I have found what ED suggests above to work well if tve thread in the cab is a little worn you could try wrapping some PTFE pipe tape round the manifold pipe before you screw the can on. Then follow the steps as outlined by ED above. Has worked in the past for me
  6. Thanks Brian. Yes, reliability and practicality trumps "exact scale" looks for most models. Especially everyday flying from grass and less than perfect runways.
  7. Thanks for the info Denis, I was wondering how close it would be to the green on this Sea Fury scheme. (matted down a bit)
  8. Thanks Paul. If he has any it would be interesting to see what colour it actually is.
  9. Hi Paul, Which is why I'm asking. HK's colour descriptions are really very imaginative, almost fantastic sometimes!
  10. Still flying a Hawker Tomtit built from a Veron kit in 1999. Done 300 flights but have replaced the servos and some new bearings in the super reliable Saito 45 fs engine. Its a good 'un.
  11. As per title. Has anyone used Hobby King Tan Green covering film? Tan Green HK film If so, what colour is it? Beige? Light Kahki? Light grey/ green? It's hard to tell from the photoand I can't think of many ARTFs that use such a colour and there doesn't seem to be an Oracover equivalent.
  12. Thanks again Martin. Reliability is the key requirement with retracts.
  13. My experience with an ultrasonic cleaner using just water was disappointing. Nothing like Frank's engine experience. Soaking engine in old/stale glow fuel and scrubbing with a toothbrush helps. Cooking the parts in a slow cooker filled with anti-freeze liquid (outside in a well-ventilated garage with door open) got loads of baked on muck off. The engine was really very clean and almost like new afterwards.
  14. Thanks for the info Martin. At least the E-Flite units are available, but not quite the "scale" retract angle. Another option might be some 80 degrees units from HK but the reviews are pretty mixed on those.
  15. The retracts supplied with this (somewhat long-in-the-tooth) kit are rather flimsy air units. Given the 75 degree retract angle what replacement electric retracts have people used? And/or what other (reasonably priced ) options are available? Has anyone successfully used the supplied BH pneumatic one for more than a few flights? For sure there are quite a few 90degree retracts out there but there doesn't seem anything much at a reasonable price in 120 size with 75-80 retract angle.
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