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  1. I think you are looking for stencil film
  2. Depron is normally available from the balsa cabin.
  3. The slightly shiny rubbery, bendy stuff rather than little bobbles stuck together is EPP expanded polypropylene.
  4. Have we tried pluging in a servo to the throttle cannel to check the receiver is working?
  5. Another vote for Cura. And yes use the latest version on there web site.
  6. The file from thingiverse will be an STL file, you need to run it through a slicer to produce a "g"code file that the printer can read.
  7. Do we know it is illegal? Does it have a CE mark on it? if so it would be legal to operate in the UK.
  8. Don't forget that the UK is not in the EU anymore! There is no reason that non EU radio gear can not be used it will not cause any problem to others or yourself. There may have been a technical offence of importing a non compliant electronic device, but if it was not for the purpose of trade then I am not sure it applies. Scrape the label off and go flying. Other advice will be along soon I am sure.
  9. You could lift a Mini with that, or at least make it go very fast.
  10. Yes the S148 will work with the R8EF receiver.
  11. Could it be carburettor icing? As for the chain bearingboys.co.uk carry lots of chains.
  12. Just a thought, is there a capacitor (condenser) across the points? they can fail shorted when hot.
  13. They do say on their website that Royal Mail can take up to 14 days!
  14. "We definitely need something plug and play" Better up the budget then, look at some of the educational offerings for really easy to use machines.
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