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  1. Hi early bird, Will send photos, but could not down load on to this site. PM with your email and i will send on to you.
  2. Aurora 9 complete radio set. Complete with spare Tx battery and Second Rx. Manual, charger etc. £ 135.00 incle P/P
  3. Sorry put in wrong price should be £ 250.00
  4. Brand New, unused, in original box with tools and manual. £ 250.00 incl P/P in UK only
  5. Hi Peter Did you get sorted with regards your Aurora 9 Radio set ?
  6. Thanks David, I worked it out at 3.5 inches so 4" seems good to me. The model is designed for Rudder only so I think this will be OK
  7. Hi guys This is for anyone who has built a DB Sport and Scale Barnstormer 72. Just looking for an indication as to what the tip dihedral should be ? I propose keeping it simple by keeping it Rudder only. I suspect around 3.5 " but would like confirmation.
  8. A big shout out to J Perkins Distribution, The issue I had with binding my Aurora 9 has now been resolved thanks to advice and help from their service department, Excellent service. ( I have no connection with this company apart from being a very happy customer)
  9. Thanks Steve, I8 was coming to that conclusion I only used it once and had to store due to Covid, it simply wont bind now. So I reckon it is the Tx or the Module. I am going back to 35 mg
  10. Well gentlemen here is an update on the efforts to get my Aurora 9 to bind. I replaced the Rx and the TX battery but still no go, so I am wondering if there is a Service centre where I might send this set to be looked at professionally ?
  11. Hi Shaun yes thats it, I will take your advice and remove number. Ta
  12. Looking for a full kit or the plans for the Ben Buckle Majestic Major. many thanks.
  13. Thanks Denis I will keep on trying, Honestly my real problem is, if the RX turns out to be faulty then it became faulty while in storage !!!! My workshop is warm and dry and the radio set was put away in its original insulated carton. When I came to unbox the radio and test it, it did not work so I tried to rebind with no success hence the forum posts.
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