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  1. Hello everyone I just bought my wife her first plane. Its the Fms Super Ez V4 and every its advertised as comes complete with digital metal geared servos. On inspection they are all plastic geared digital servos. Has anyone had similar whilst buying from CML and any recommendations on what we should do? Was one of the reasons we chose that aircraft over the Fms Ranger 1220mm as that stated it had plastic geared servos. I know it won't matter too much and I'm sure they will be fine i just feel we should have got what it says on box and website. It does say the new v4 comes with new more powerful motor, colour scheme and digital metal geared servos.... Overall though the pnp format model is really nice and the quality is good. Regards Scott
  2. And if you just don't want to try fly it you can sell her to me
  3. Hi Dennis and Andy I think I'll go with increasing the wingspan to start with. Looking at 6" to start with and fitting some savox Servos that i have sitting around as the stock i don't trust. I'm happy enough with the stock motor and esc for the moment and 2s 800. The undercarriage must go i think too. I haven't had issues with it bending though don't want to worry about a not so smooth landing stopping future flights
  4. Hello everyone Before i go daft cutting and extending i would like to put across what I'd like to do for your opinions I have the ill-fated Wot4 mini. I'm thinking of extending the wingspan a little and also making the leading edge thicker and flatter to slow her down a little and attempt to gain more lift. Also going to shorten the length of the ailerons Anyone else changed much on there's Thanks Scott
  5. I've flown with both Futaba and Spektrum many years though over the last couple of years been using my trusty Hitec without any problems. It's sweet and simple ☺️
  6. Has anyone first hand experience with the Sfm Fournier? Any recomendations etc. Will my spare 750kv be adequate with 40amp esc and 3s 2200 etc. Regards Scott
  7. So engine out and head off. Not good news. Looka a mess with lots of shavings etc. New engine time. It's done me well. So on the look out for a Os 32 heli engine. Thank you everyone for your help
  8. Conrod is perfect thankfully and glow plug doing as it's told. Fuel line intact. Going to focus on carb again
  9. Thanks Jon Put new plug in her and still and started revved hard then died. Will remove backplate for a nosey now
  10. So was out flying today and whilst at around 100 ft high my helicopter engine changed not then started bogging down. I didn't get the chance to land before it had cut out though successful autorotate followed. I have managed to start it since but it only idles for a few seconds. Now it won't start at all. Fuel is clean and new, new plug and carbon looking clean. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. So I'm currently using Model Technics contest 10 with a Os 32. The question is if have a gallon of Model Technics Gx-5 i have sitting here. Is it ok to use it? Will there be much power difference etc. Thank you.
  12. Thank you Peter that's cleared everything up. The engine has been in bits for years since its last flight. Recently bought new internals and want to be gentle to start with. I'll look into the headloaders as they would be very beneficial. Thank you Scott
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