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  1. It's covered with Hobbyking white film and then car vinyl for the colours.
  2. Pleased with how my new build Chris Foss Acrowot flys, fitted with an OS55AX.
  3. Keeping my fingers crossed it goes ahead this year.
  4. Just finished building an Acrowot, do any of you fellow modellers dope or sanding seal the model before applying iron on film? Regards
  5. Thanks for that Jesus, Its to run 4xservos on the wing, I will look into the other options you mentioned. Malc
  6. Can someone advise on Sbus and my SZ18 tx setup. I am going to use standard servos with my Sbus system and I know I have to purchase a Futaba SBD1 Decoder to run these servos, on my transmitter I can program Sbus servos etc but my question is can I programme the SBD1 decoder with my transmitter or do I have to purchase a Futaba SBC1 programmer to program the Decoder? Regards Malc
  7. Thanks David, I received the BMFA Email This Morning am now Gutted about that.?
  8. OK, thanks for the reply, I did think it would be up to the RAF Barkston so hopefully it will get the go ahead fingers crossed.
  9. Hi Does anyone know if the Power Nationals will be on this year 2021 ? I have heard from one or two different people that it is Not going to be held, but I have not seen anything on here or the BMFA website to say it is or not going ahead. Regards
  10. On windows 10 on my computer, I right click on the photo and a box comes up, I then click on Resize and then another box comes up with four options, I click on the option to resize suitable "Best for Profile pictures and Thumbnails". I then upload onto this site like I did on my thread, Lockdown Builds.
  11. Yes Hobbyking film is a bit hit and miss, I bought a few of the colours like the white, red, black and the chequered rolls last year while they had them in stock.
  12. Thanks for the comments, they are all covered in Hobbyking film and the trim is that you can buy for vinyl sign cutting machines.
  13. To follow my first post, here is a few pictures of my other lockdown builds. First is PB Models Tornado with OS 55 ax. Second is my Chris Foss Wots Wot with a Saito 82 Third is a Tony Nijhuis Mini Hawk Red Arrows And Last an ongoing project, a very old Balsacraft Xtreme I have started to recover and will be fitted with an OS55AX
  14. This is one of my Lockdown Models, A plan built Curare with a OS65 ax up front and Electric retracts. I have also a Super Star ( Which has been test flown before lockdown ) PB Models Tornado and a Chris Foss Wots Wot finished, photos to follow. Cant wait to get flying again.?
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