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  1. I have found that the Anniversary Piper cub is the same spec and C of G is 3 1/2" to 4 1/4" from leading edge Thanks all
  2. Thanks all John Lee brilliant looks like I'm on target . I've built a few planes but always have plans really looking forward to flying this
  3. Hi all I have picked up a Carl Goldberg IC Piper Cub but have no idea on C of G for this plane, some sites have said 1/3 some have said 1/4 back from LE root, is 11" span is 76 1/2", at the moment C of G is 4" from LE right on wing spar . No one has seen this fly or if did fly Looking forward to your relies
  4. Can someone tell me why some tiger moths have a plate ontop of fus just before tail section and some don't , I believe it's on the 82a and will it cause a problem if it is not Kit is an old DB Tiger moth 58"
  5. Thank you Andy these are a great a help ,that shows me my couple of planes are not suitable
  6. Brilliant John thank you
  7. Fair play John Stone but not knowing how accurate the flying has to be and I can only find one BMFA B cert video online maybe you could point in the right direction please .
  8. One I'm looking at the moment is 48" Miss Sizzles from RCM&E July 2020 ,it's an aerobatic model electric power.
  9. Book is ordered thanks , think a wotty is in order , thanks all for the replies
  10. Hi all Looking at going for my B cert , which plane would you recommend? I have wot trainer and eflite tractor both electric, I don't fly with SAFE? happy to build or artf ,I also have IC engines up to Irvine 53 but not in planes . Looking forward to your views
  11. Thanks all , I like your thinking, will chew this over tea and cake I think ,Dave,S like the idea of SIG 4 star , whilst chucking stuff up in the loft I have found a half complete SIG Liberty Sport 40 - 60 engine required mmmm
  12. I also have a Irvine 53 two stroke!! Would that help with something 😂😂
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