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  1. Got that, that will only lure me in to swipe the card now Here it is Building Tony's Beaufighter
  2. Hello Robert Regarding the TN Beaufighter, who sells the plans/kit/short kit? Definitely did not see it on TN site
  3. Danny, can't you use the flexible conduit to do the same instead of the 90 degree knuckles or may be one knuckle and then the flexible extension on to the cylindrical chamber?
  4. Thanks for the latest updates. Good to see some progress
  5. Thanks for the reply Ron. I managed to locate an online copy of the KPM Typhoon. For all practical purposes I am given to believe ESM/YT/KMP were same. In case any one wishes to refer the "manual"
  6. Ron, by any chance do you have the YT Typhoon Manual? Been looking for one
  7. Or ask him if you could mail the engine or the piston and liner to him?
  8. Martin, why would trim work on one wing alone? If you utilize say channel 1 and 6 for left and right lower ailerons respectively and then slave the left and right top aileron servos to 1 and 6 channel, trims will work on all.
  9. Jon, it's not a question of 300 changing to 310. It's the prospect of 'V' changing to 'flat' that I was mentioning. Or did I read it wrong and you intend to make the V and flat both in 310? If that's the case, I don't see an issue. But if not, then discontinuation of the V twin will certainly bother people who were looking for a narrower engine that was easier to cool than an inline
  10. Mixed bag feeling personally. Excited at the new possibilities but the chance of the 300v being phased out would be really lamentable
  11. An enlarged version of the Mamselle with OS 15 (fitted with a home made copper muffler) did feature on the front page and was a free plan in RCM&E few years back. Can't exactly recall the year
  12. In defence of the straight through inlet, Weston used to sell four-strokes that were labelled 'tuned by West' or similar and featured straight through intakes.
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