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  1. I do wish people would listen to BEB a little more carefully, he speaks a lot of sense. The changes that are being forced upon us are the inevitable results of a minority activity being dragged into the limelight as it becomes more mainstream through both commercial exploitation and a raised media focus. UAV's are now dominating the military and will be doing the same in civilian life very shortly. I think it is critical that all radio control aircraft enthusiasts and professional operators come together to agree workable legislation before an unworkable solution is thrust upon us. Should a major accident or terrorist act involving an UAV happen before the legislation is finalised then the resulting clamp down will be even more severe. And it will affect everyone, not just the people who like the particular flavour of UAV that was involved. Scale, sport, 3D, Heli's, multi-rotors, Auto-Gyro's, Jets, gliders, FPV racers: We are all in it together.
  2. That is very common for 3D Heli flying Owdlad. Most of the routines will have the Heli flying 'towards' the crowd at multiple points. A lot of the Heli comps have high netting or chain link fences in between the flight line and the crowd, or a large gap, not sure why this one didn't but I presume they had done a risk assessment or everyone had signed waivers When flying 'idle up' as they are here, there is always a hold switch that cuts the throttle completely but leaves the pilot in control of pitch and collective. Anyone who flies 3D gets good at hitting hold quickly as, if you don't, the Heli will destroy itself when it hits the floor. This fella hit hold in time for sure, as injuries were minimal. Yes Phil, that was my point exactly. Everything has inherent dangers and exciting things almost always have more danger built in That crowd looked like educated observers to me and they could all have moved back should they have felt there was too much risk. If I had been there on my own I would have stayed where I was but would have been watching the Heli like a hawk. If I had been there with my daughter we would have been at the back of the crowd or standing behind something solid... Now if someone was flying like that, over the strip, at my local (mixed fixed wing and Heli) club? Different story altogether.
  3. Looking on Google there are some horrific injuries sustained from Christmas trees and plenty of near misses.
  4. This is a real shame, I first learnt to fly at the Kings Lynn club with my father and brother in the late eighties / early nineties. The site was a it rough then and it must be very galling to have it taken away it has been adapted so well. Might it be worth speaking to British Industrial Sand? They have recently removed free public access to the majority of Bawsey Pitts, which is nearby, so might be interested in a more structured arrangement with a private club? Edit: seems my local knowledge is sadly out of date. This area has now been sold to a private business man.  Edited By Jack Banner on 09/08/2016 15:27:17
  5. Power to the people! (and Monkeys) I like it a lot.
  6. A metal spinner would look the business. The rest of the plane is already superb.
  7. Crikey, that flies slowly! Very nice indeed.
  8. I am prevented from concurring with my esteemed compatriots due to a real concern that your subsequent increased cranial circumference may retard your access to "la grotte".
  9. That has a real steam punk feel to it. I like it.
  10. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend tomorrow guys. Bit gutted but it can't be avoided. Have a great day.
  11. Thanks guys, I appreciate that. Will crack on tonight and see how i get on!
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