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  1. I had a go at making some CF undercarriage, but had a couple of issues. Firstly, the carbon fibre cloth kept falling apart at the edges so I ended up with a 40mm wide piece that I had to trim down when the resin had cured. Secondly, even with 5 layers and 2 extra layers at the fixing point, it was very thin. What type of cloth did you use and how did you stop it fraying? Thanks
  2. That under carriage is spot on, I was thinking of making a set myself with some resin I have left. I made a vac former and managed to make a decent canopy (must post the pics up), and am currently making a balsa engine cowl that I'll use as a plug to vac form too. I bought some clear vac forming sheet, If the cowl comes out ok, I may invest in some white plastic. Good to see that the mini jazz is still about! I'm currently refurbishing an old electric one I had in the loft for several years!
  3. I'll be up Greenacres Sunday (weather permitting) where the original mass fly in was to be several years ago. Would be good to see a Mini Jazz up there if anybody has one.
  4. Thought I'd update the thread, as it's been a few years since I last posted on here! I passed my A cert for fixed wing, then (due to a friend at work) ended up passing my A cert for rotary too. I got to flipping my heli inverted, but after the guy who taught me 'retired', my flying got no better, so I switched backed to mostly fixed wing a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, Covid and doing a house up got in the way of flying, but I recently resurrected my old electric Mini Jazz and really enjoyed flying it! So, I'm tempted to build another and tidy the electric one up, but I'm not sure whether to go IC or electric again. The rest of my fleet is electric, but IC would be nice as I don't have to plan charging a load of lipos up. Anybody else still flying their Jazz?
  5. I bought a brushless motor from Hobbyking China as it was the only warehouse with the motor I wanted. I paid extra postage so it was insured. The motor and a host of other people's parts were sent from China to Holland and then individually to the UK. I was then charged import duty and a Parcelforce handling fee. The £24 motor ended up costing £48. Next time I'll pay a little extra and buy from th UK as it will be cheaper in the long run!!
  6. When I started flying (about 7 years ago), I used a gyro so I could fly on windy days. I now fly mainly foamies which are affected more by wind, so still use a gyro, but I switch it off when there's no wind and occasionally to 'keep my hand in'. I use a couple of AR636 receivers and tried one with SAFE, I hated it. Even when switched off, it still gave roll assistance! We recently had a demo flight of a show pilot at our club. He used an old Taranis radio on his 'beater' and used no gyros, it was purely skill!!
  7. My wife and I do a monthly litter pick in a nearby park for the local councillor (who always provides home made cake at the end). A guy I work with walks his dog in the same park and says a couple of days after we've cleared up, the park is trashed again. I blame the parents, as I've never known any of my children (aged from 15 to 26) to drop litter. In fact the wife regulaly moans when she finds the rubbish in trouser pockets when doing the washing. When McDonalds reopnened by us, they weren't allowed to use the car park, so drove to the local Tesco, ate their food and chucked the litter over the floor. Remember the keep Britain tidy adds in the 70's and 80's?
  8. From memory, I used a thin scrap of steel from somewhere, cleaned it up and soldered it using electrical solder that contains flux, and heated it all with a blow torch. I found the 10x6 prop with a 36 size motor a bit under powered. I hadn't been flying too long, so it was probably just me! I sold it not long after building it as I turned to the dark side flying helicopters!! Ian
  9. Flown mine a few times and it handles a lot better than the electric version I built. I just wish I could get the sc15 motor to run nicely-changing the fuel has helped but it's still hesitant and cuts out when throttling up!
  10. Only managed to stay for 3 hours before the wife dragged me away, but had a great time. It's inspired me to go flying more this year! Thanks to all who organised and entertained at the event! Ian
  11. Hi all, is this still on with the poor weather? I aim to pop over on Sunday, but the forecast seems to change hourly!! Any PB Bullets or mini Jazz going? Ian
  12. I had a couple of lessons from a professional last August, but can still only hover! I bought a Trex550 as advised by a friend at work, but because of the bad weather and lack of time (to drive to my flying site) have only flown it for 2 batteries duration. Same guy then advised me to buy an MCPX which I played with in the house, It's really twitchy, doesn't ever seem to want to hover in the same place for more than a second, but gave me experience and confidence to fly the 550 which was loads more stable and easier to fly in comparison. When it's calm, I fly the MCPX around the garden, and fly circles with me walking behind it. It's getting me used to flying side on, but if it starts to get away, i can step forward and get it back!
  13. I had a couple of lessons on a Raptor 50 IC heli, and yearned for a heli of my own to practise on. A guy from work suggested a Trex550 as it would be a stable model to learn with, I bought a used one, spent ages setting it up and have flown it twice (due to the weather and not having the time). The same guy then suggested an MCPX which I bought. I flown it lots in the living room and conservatory (wife hasn't noticed the damage lamp shade yet) and I fly it in the garden on calm days. It's twitchy, but gave me confidence to fly the Trex550. Crash repairs (which are inevitable) are cheap and fast. I'd recommend one-I went for the brushed model which is cheaper and apparently less twitchy.
  14. I managed to get this done yesterday!
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