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  1. Irvine contest 10% or optifuel 12% runs great on either of these fuels !
  2. I have an OS 40fs pre surpass flys for 25 mins on a 4onz tank and an 11x4 prop !
  3. Thanks engine doctor !
  4. Yes great day even prompted me to practice ready for the next meeting at Retford and try the low profile comp !
  5. 90% sure I will be there ! Team Bullett !
  6. Martin can Watford have 14th or 21st of May 2017 ?
  7. its not an Aerostar as the wings are different on an Aerostar,aiso the wingspan of an Aerostar is 62",i have an unbuilt Aerostar 62 still in the box !
  8. I have a Laser 70 in a Majestic major and a Laser80 in a Hangar 9 Katana 50 they are both well suited to both planes which shows how versatile the Laser engines are !
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