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  1. Hi everyone I have a webra 40 in a plane that I have just got on running it up it dies on full throttle if I close it down to half throttle runs fine adjusting the main needle valve makes no difference could it be the mixture screw would it be to rich or weak.
  2. Hi guys Anyone tell me why my micro tacho has been starting at 300 revs changed the battery still the same
  3. I’ll have a look for you later at work at the mo
  4. Outrunner I have done that but obviously the throttle now closes when it should be open.
  5. Well Frank it’s opening the throttle instead of closing it.
  6. Hi guys can anyone tell me why the throttle cut switch is operating the wrong way on hi tech optic 6 tx.
  7. Thanks for your reply Martin Just a quickie do both the pipes go through the wall
  8. Just got one of these diesel heaters which is the exhaust the one at the front or the rear
  9. Thanks guys for all your comments I sorted it retapped it to 3.5mm used a screw from a 15 amp choc block works a treat.
  10. Hi Tony not much meat left to do that.
  11. Hi guys I have an sc 46 where the bolts screw into the carb to hold it on one of the threads have gone in the carb any ideas what I can do to fix it.
  12. Ken They was on it when I bought it.
  13. Hi Aidan I have 100mm wheels on mine for the grass strip with a 13’’ prop I have about 120 mm clearance hope this helps.
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