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  1. Lifelong JR user, like others, never had radio issues, however for a number of years I have had a FRSKY module and FRSKY RXs, as before never a radio issue. Not seen many reported issues either and from the many newcomers adopting newer brands, seeing nothing that would put me off. Would be looking to hold one of the sets before I bought, feel is a big thing for me. Numerous flyers I know have gone for the new brands, plenty of em long time flyers, they know what they're about and ain't short of money, they bought not because of "Cheap" but because the product is Good.
  2. Why do Nestle call their chocolate bars Aero ? Do they fly off the shelves ?
  3. That it ? I have no sales pitch Clarence, I'm not trying to sell anything.
  4. I believe he already ran threads on his method here.
  5. So clubs don't want more members, that would strengthen the BMFA/Clubs position and give Clubs/BMFA the means to spend on their sites and make improvements and the well being of the hobby, Clarence ? And this is because of Bruised Egos ? Hope your teachings better than your sales pitch, Lol.
  6. Post removed, the threads fine as is, and of use relating buying/selling experiences, so it will stay open. Posts drifting into politics will be removed.
  7. The answers given by the BMFA and others look entirely reasonable and consistant with the way it has been for ever, can't see the issue myself, however, paying your own would solve what you see as a problem. Pay yourself or via your club ? Swings and roundabouts for me. Our club ? Pay yourself if you want, or via the club, no drama either way. Date on my doc ? Couldn't care less, The BMFA tells me I'm insured from when I pay my club, they know their job, good enough for me.
  8. Yep and you can get smaller walk behind ones if more suitable, easy to use.
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