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  1. Go again next years works for me, our club kept it simple, the bbq idea never occured to us, on plans for the next one.
  2. Sunday looking best at present, our local met site is pretty good, will give updates nearer the weekend. Looks like landings will be from open side of field, that gives better approach and more field to get your model in.
  3. My thoughts on the format used ? Spot on, I see youngsters and ladies involved, RC and chuckies, all done with a smile and humour in your reports, great effort by all.
  4. Members new models thread, like the gentleman said, leave the brand bashing please.
  5. Yep, 1393 new members in 2022, so far, not too shabby is that, for a hobby on it's death bed.
  6. We'll be there unless BMFA cancels, if it rains we'll get wet for a minute or two, or chuck a paper one up.
  7. Looking good Danny, shall you be adding scale dents ?
  8. This is a Laser thread, I would imagine they can produce parts at an acceptable standard, even if there are more, like on the proposed petrol versions.
  9. Who knows Erf, maybe the shambles from last year and the exposure it got, piqued interest.
  10. Can't say I have ever had a bad make from reputable suppliers, Xoar, Falcon, Menz all been fine, Agree with Jon re pitch, 8 for me and will help quieten a tad. Props breaking, I would have no probs using a APC myself good efficient quieter prop.
  11. Ours will be models that'll tootle, don't want added pressure on those less able, or a bit nervous, want to include all abilities. Flight line will be communication led, and probably one voice saying land/retrive etc, may be an experienced flyer on the day, on hand to help anyone in difficulties, he can fly a chuckie.
  12. Well done fellas, stewards stuck it to me, pleased for Honda and Max though.
  13. All I can suggest without seeing it is, get someone to hold it down whilst you do throttle checks, is the mount moving a lot, is the elevator servo misbehaving as you throttle, is the control horn loose, broken hinge etc. P.S Sounds a bit much for incidence to be causing a tight loop to be honest.
  14. Reads to me as you know the issue Nigel, the motor mount, any way to make it rigid n add a bit of down thrust ?
  15. Not this year, dreading another S/C debacle, entertaining it's not.
  16. i've been suffering from Porposing so far, hoping my upgrade fixes it. Mind that wall.
  17. We are talking about a model aeroplane, it's not uncommon for many designers to give a starting point re side/downthrust on their plans, in fact it is quite common, it is also common that deflections on your models have consequences through the speed range and differing maneuovres. And the oft said "Well I can use my rudder" is another deflection.
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