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  1. Did you not see the Mass flys recently, organised by the BMFA, It's a record tha no's.
  2. Try googling Pole elastic (Fishing) comes in various lengths/thicknesses, could be an option on the small models.
  3. We already have a rule, each individual is responsible for his/her own actions, cost of the model is irrelevant, no matter how much blame shifting rears it's head.
  4. Nah, SCs closed field up, Ferrari, RB still way ahead.
  5. When are we building the gallows ? Will it be ticket only and is there a buffet ?
  6. Backfired on Mercedes did that one, sort your car and stop whinging.
  7. Can't see why it would be an issue as long as there's enough thread for the nuts, we lengthen the shaft often enough to fit various spinners, so length can't be critical.
  8. Had similar models of many types, just don't do it for you, yet when you bought you where full off anticipation, wierd.
  9. Do scale Warbirds all fly the same ? Do WW1 bipes all fly the same ? how about Wottys ?
  10. Seem to recall I have heard/read models crashing into the pits and damaging "Expensive" models cost our insurers a fair lump, as a consequence we pay more. P.S and vehicles being hit.
  11. Has to be Boddo, he set me on the journey and taught me to build via his plans/kits.
  12. What rpm is it doing ? I don't care, is it flying my model, is the tickover right, rest are just numbers to chase, to what end ?
  13. It would be guesswork Danny, but what I take from your comment is the engines needed cooling ? Scale outlines are one thing, but if your engine stops, it's telling you something, I doubt you're not able to plumb and tune, but maybe you need to look at cooling issues ?
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