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  1. 2 minutes ago, David Davis said:

    As far as I know, BMFA insurance covers you when you're on holiday in France flying from an official French club's flying field. Certainly at our field if a Brit turns up he always shows us his BMFA Me3mbership and we let him fly, no bother.


    Incidentally, I wonder whether La Coupe Des Barons is insured by the FFAM. Ten models in the sky at the same time? I can't see a British insurance covering that!

    Did you not see the Mass flys recently, organised by the BMFA, It's a record tha no's.

  2. 2 hours ago, Matt Carlton said:

    I hadn't thought about it in that way Ron. Interesting. Maybe tapping a thread into the nylon mount would work, otherwise on some mounts, fitting a nut isn't very straightforward, at least to me, as the underside of the mount arms isn't flat. Perhaps I'm being dense. 



    Make it flat.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Steve Colman said:

    Recently purchased an E-Flite Air Tractor, something with which I thought would have a little personality and would look great flying low and slow over the wheat field that ajoins the club field. I added a few basic semi scale details to personalise it a bit.


    The Model flies and handles well enough and everone at the field comments on how it looks and flies. I did tweak the flap settings to get it to slow down as I desired. However, I just can't seem to connect with it how I thought I would and I'm baffled as to why this is; this is a well known civil aircraft which should ooze bags of character and "soul" but it's just not there.


    Now thinking of selling it which is a rare thing for me after so little time with a model. 


    Had similar models of many types, just don't do it for you, yet when you bought you where full off anticipation, wierd.

  4. It would be guesswork Danny, but what I take from your comment is the engines needed cooling ? Scale outlines are one thing, but if your engine stops, it's telling you something, I doubt you're not able to plumb and tune, but maybe you need to look at cooling issues ?

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