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  1. https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/mini-jazz-34-1-2″-plan/
  2. Insurance required, no BMFA cert needed, free entry and camping. On site food/drink, toilet. Event will run into Monday on a less formal basis. 100cc limit for I.C engines.
  3. I envy people who build and finish to a high standard, the maiden would be the icing on the cake, do job right in the workshop and the flying of it's often stress free, enjoy Danny.
  4. Have heated heavy gauge to bend it, don't quench using water, submerge in oil instead, slower cool, should be fine.
  5. You could lock in a piece of allen key n use a nut runner to adjust, you need to fine tune, so need access.
  6. It's a Crocodile barrier, obviously it works.
  7. Reports on here have been noted and passed up the chain, as yet the problem hasn't been identified, issue has been raised with others today and hopefully we'll have an answer and return to normal soon. Don't need to report multiple posts, they'll get sorted by the mods as we see them, sorry I can't be more help.
  8. I should take a torch Danny, you'll be up a while in a scale like manner, looking very good.
  9. There's has been some back up work been done, timing coincides with the slow running, techies are looking into it folks.
  10. Slow for me and some others, refreshes o.k, loading posts is slow.
  11. Thanks john, how many S/C today, did the rolling start count as one, chaotic day. Protest in by Ferrari, against R/Bs crossing pit exit line, stand by yer beds all.
  12. Never in all the years of flying alongside modellers with a phone on, in their pockets have I seen evidence phones are a problem, aliens, man sat in a tractor, mysterious Bermuda Triangles particular to your field, people looking at your model in a funny way, all are well known/proven no no's.
  13. Like yourselves been around a while, my take ? Enjoy the day and the company of those who take part, the others help pay the bills.
  14. Thanks for coming everyone, a pleasure to be in your company as always. Steve (EB) and Nick Simon, which shall I fly ? Chris Barlow and Paul Marsh. Nice Nieuport built by John Braithwaite.
  15. Go again next years works for me, our club kept it simple, the bbq idea never occured to us, on plans for the next one.
  16. Sunday looking best at present, our local met site is pretty good, will give updates nearer the weekend. Looks like landings will be from open side of field, that gives better approach and more field to get your model in.
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