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  1. I have zero artistic talent, I look in the mags/online and pinch ideas, models get done to assist when flying, bold colours for me, yellow n black is my favourite.
  2. Cheers John. Well done Pete, John, Igor. Rubbish again for me, had a good days flying though.
  3. What you cut the cowl with Ron ?
  4. Or you could simply remove the Futaba plug, easy done, lift the tab and pull out the pin and replace with the correct one.
  5. Shall we be stopping using the Amazons of this World ? That'll show em, eh ? I would join in, but I don't use them, it's about the principle not the money.
  6. There are plenty modellers who will buy a job lot Charlie, best place to contact them is on the facebook sites they frequent. Up North they use BMFA North Classifieds and Chat, worth a look if you've something similar in your area.
  7. Mates who build LMA stuff use it a lot, reckons to glue better than Spruce, less oil on it they tell me.
  8. Matty can put it much better than me, but the first step to realising what we get ? Is accepting that change happened, and it ain't that hard then to see what we get. We also got experience from dealing with the changes and the departments responsible, that will be useful going forwards, we gained acceptance at the onset of new laws coming into being, how can that not be a good thing ? Nothing new has been said, bombard the powers that be, they'll draw the same conclusion as I have "They've got the hump over a £1".
  9. Well I've had me £1 worth via the thread and it's probably not finished yet. And next year we may get to do it allover again, bliss.
  10. Well I enjoyed it and learnt a bit, well done to all involved.
  11. Yep bait boats are common place these days, place the bait where you want it, and drop the baited hook as well. Kids today eh.
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