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  1. i'd agree with above , hitec also do 225's one with metal gear and one with nylon which are mini servo's, and would be ideal
  2. yaks are fabulous martyn. don't bite you at all same with sukhoi's, they can bite if you get really giddy. they're as common as extra's though, and david's got his heart set on a pitts
  3. never seen a bad fw 190 steve, fly great short u/c may be a good thing, scale size can be a bit too springy
  4. im lucky pat our club has no limits other than what insurance dictates if your in controlled airspace, informations there for you to sort it, which davids club has
  5. they use cyano at hospitals my son cut his head open and nurse glued it we walked all way home, with a nurse glued to his head
  6. Posted by Andy Green on 17/12/2013 23:14:50: Just going back to the fuel consumption and petrol conversion, I have a guzzling Saito 180, and just converted to spark ignition - still using glow fuel. Fuel consumption has halved, and easy to start by hand every time, low reliable tick over and instant pickup. Just used a Just Engines spark conversion kit. There is no need to move to petrol, and change the compression and all the plumbing (not import and on a new build I know) Andy sounds good not got knowledge of it myself
  7. Posted by david fillingham 1 on 17/12/2013 22:55:01: I fly at a club close to an airport in cat c or d controlled airspace. We have an altitude limit of 400 ft at the club which I think was at the request of the local atc. We also have to use a buddy lead system when flying fpv. I fly fpv with a osd so that I can see my height above the field and it is alarmed and warns me if I exceed 400ft. When flying line of sight it is much more difficult to judge 400 ft. I doubt that the 1000 ft limit will apply to controlled airspace such as ours as we regularly see light aircraft flying close by below 1000 ft. It will be interesting to read the guidance plus any exclusions in full when available. correct david. you already quoted the height limit yourself 400ft in this case guidance is already there in bmfa book, plus any updates are given out
  8. pitts is no big deal to fly martyn, looking at your profile and what you've flown. youll be fine they slow down quicker throttled back, but you'll cope. have a look at a cermark pitts for strut connection its great method. had one myself, flew lovely absolutely viceless. just need to fly onto floor not float in.
  9. Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 17/12/2013 21:40:40: No you're not.... BEB as its pantomime season BEB. oh yes he is
  10. question is Martin what do you think ? you've a good selection, which one do you really fancy
  11. looks good Jim loved flying mine quit the age gags your depressing me
  12. Posted by Shaunie on 17/12/2013 20:57:10: Personally I thought it a little quieter of late! However I am glad that the stats show forum usage is increasing as I quite like it here! Perhaps its me, it sometimes seems that whenever I post on a topic it drops dead, sometimes I think I should call myself threadkiller. Maybe I'll just read and not post, that should help . Shaunie. I've noticed your a threadkiller as well shaunie but so am I
  13. Posted by Gazza58 on 17/12/2013 20:40:12: Thank you John. The only consideration here is when something goes belly up. I have never seen common sense used or even discussed in court. Gazza yes gazza just err on side off caution, you'll be fine. modellers get too worked up at times its a hobby, element of risk yes. impossible, no
  14. air navigation order (a legal framework which governs all flying activity in the U.K.) covers fpv also also flying within controlled airspace. apply common sense you'll be ok, got mine off my mam and dad. if you feel rules have been incorrectly laid down for fpv. contact B.M.F.A. /C.A.A. fpv lads at our field fly to these rules we are ok
  15. 35ish years ago I built one of these, I think it was a D.B. kit. if not maybe flair. it was a slope soarer, which I fitted a O.S.. 28 fsr to. tissue and doped it. looked and flew great. anybody remember it ? have no pictures of it
  16. im new to computers as well as forums, viewed quite a number of late for my money this is one of best. lots of variety, and lots of input. moderators seem pretty relaxed and even handed to me
  17. up to 1000ft size of model dictates height limit. if observer can't see it he's no longer your observer, is he ? if you wish to use rth, fine. why impose it though, rest of flyers don't have to use it. if you believe it guarantees a safe return every time, your mistaken. could fly into a full size while not under your control.
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