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  1. I thought Honda where still helping (whatever that means) with developing the ICU. Russell is with the big boys now, if he's up to it, he'll have elbows out and pressure Lewis, these young uns are hungry, gonna be a tough year for Lewis. I couldn't care less about the Merc struggling myself, lets see how they handle tough weekends for a change.
  2. Rims fell off yer flight box wheel Eric, wants a couple of nails innit.
  3. Changed my team, looked to be easier to do with the price changes.
  4. The "let them race" is dependent on both the championships standings, as things unfold that becomes a more difficult circle to square as often as not.
  5. A question Ron, or anyone, does a twin of the same size as a single turn less prop ?
  6. Well done the top 3 and the ever consistant Chris in the lead. Race I enjoyed, good feisty stuff, no car driving away to easy wins.
  7. Looks like the Prancing Horse is a thoroughbred then, Mercs a bit of a Mule.
  8. 3rd day on trot, had a fly with clubmates DR1, Zenoah 26 stock exhaust and 18x8 prop, easy on the ears, models a joy to fly.
  9. There will be a plastic weld glue somewhere Frank, maybe something in plumbing section.
  10. I had thought the "Drone" threads were a thing of the past, 3-4 years of the same stuff written daily. Here's what Irks me the most. Revisiting with the same old gripes and the same cackhanded insults at our fellow modelers, surrender monkeys, rolled over, just take it, do nothing ? Nonsense. And then we have the BMFA et al, the ones who actually took the lead (With the help of their members contributing) and fought our case, the constant prodding of them, they should do this, they should do that ? THEY got us a better deal than most of us expected and I've no doubts they will continue to fight in our interest, when there's a fight to fight, the renewed moaning implies they failed us, they did NOT. Myself and others have asked "What's your plan" No replies ?
  11. I had something to say C8, I said it, and backed my association in every move they made, now I've accepted the deal they got us I'm getting on with my life. Red Tunics ? No way am I wearing Liverpool/Man Utd colours, I'll be pressing the BMFA to get dispensation to wear Spurs colours. The numbers and nitty gritty of the scheme I can't get enthused about C8, but as our club has added two to the number sadly, my efforts will be going into prevention of that being repeated.
  12. Yep, some heat to the sun, loads flying at ours and I forgot my camera, try again tomorrow.
  13. "We get nothing" ? Incorrect, law changed whether some like it or not, we get to continue flying IF we pay the fee and display the numbers. Outside that you're unlawful. Numbers ? Do we display them ? Yes, had one or two at field saying it's daft, waste of time and they're ain't interested, fine, go elsewhere then, here we fly within the law. Grass got cut by council yesterday, costs gone up more than £1 for EVERY cut not just a one off, Why we get nothing for it ?
  14. Props. https://www.robotbirds.co.uk/propellers-edf/apc-folding-props/apc-7-x-6-folding-propeller-apclp07060f.html
  15. If we're marching to protest, can we make it an afternoon please, I'm not good of a morning, anytime between 12pm and ten past n I'm in. P.S had a good un at field and grass has been cut.
  16. I'm off flying, going to cost me more than £1+ extra now in fuel, should I stay home or "Rollover" and go ?
  17. From my POV Kev, some didn't move over to the new platform at first but came on later, one or two long time posters have gone for various reasons, threads seem pretty active, maybe not so many builds, but Covid saw plenty so maybe that's caused a lull. Forum (To me) seems pretty easy going, not a great deal of friction of late.
  18. I ain't got much, £1 increase on a "hobby" is pretty much meaningless to me, pales into insignificance compared to the cost of everyday must have items. The term "ger a grip" comes to mind.
  19. You want to find a Blacksmith, look for gate makers with wrought iron work.
  20. Cheers John and well done the top three, I had three cars DNF so not too unhappy with my score. Nice to see different cars/drivers doing well, hope it's season long and no dominance by a few.
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