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  1. The battery pictured above blew up when on charge,[ not used for some time and gone very flat ] not much fun when you are just a few feet away. lucky I was facing away and my wet weather gear took the worst of the splatter.
  2. Some amazing work there ED, you may find other CS owners beating a path to your door. And you are correct about diesel smell indoors, my recently flown diesel models remain in the outside shed for several days before returning to their hanger.
  3. If you want a reminder of those racing days do as I have done and put a drop in the lawnmower . Lovely sound with the Tigercat almost as good as the full size I saw doing its stuff years ago. Cheers, John.
  4. As trees go the Balsa has just about the shortest lifespan of any tree of at most forty years!
  5. As a Coastguard on a search for missing boats, kayak's/persons at sea we would head for the nearest high ground in the search area. When down at say beach level you may think you can see a long way out to sea but the effective distance for small vessels is little more than a mile.
  6. The first so called smart motorway had safety pull in spaces every 400mtr [ at that distance you will quickly see the next one ] When more were introduced the gap between safety bays went up to 3/4 of a mile probably to save money.
  7. American. From the top of the Empire State building you can see halfway across the Atlantic. Welshman. Well here on a clear night we can see the moon.
  8. Funny thing about balsa is it is classified as a hard wood. After around seven years of growth the fibres start to harden. Good program.
  9. The Wright flyer on its first take off did not use any sort of catapult
  10. Good felt type clunk type filters can be had at places that service mowers, brush cutters and chain saws.
  11. Old lead acid batts, liquid or gel type if not wanting to take charge just do not bother with them.
  12. That may well be a Ready then, had one once a bit fast for a trainer but a good second model that could handle some wind. Been unable to access BMFA site classified for some time. Been in touch with them and hope glitch will be sorted with this years renewal.
  13. My 20 year old Jupiter is still a regular flyer, probably my most flown aeroplane. Likely has lasted so well as it was painted when new and had protection from UV. Couple of hinges have been replaced by slipping in some balsa between skins and fitting pin hinge. Also been keeping an eye for NIB of any of the range but none to be found.
  14. A 3S 2200mah 25c runs my starter just fine even turning Enya 90 4c no problem and is an old batt retired from flight work.
  15. Have never liked the now popular term " airplane " It always used to be aeroplane or aircraft.
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