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  1. Hi all, and thanks for all the help re. my RCM&E subscription. Woopee, Its all sorted I spoke to Steve O'hara at Morton Media, who seems to look after these things. I suggsted he should have a look at the forum,so that he could get good feedback, and maybe even contribute Now, time for a wee peek in the postbox ernie
  2. Yes I've spoken to Steve, who was most helpful. All is not yet lost. Thanks Steve
  3. Oh well, after umpteen years of settling down with my favourite mag it's all over No Fenton, Whittaker,and Ashby for me Poor old RCM&E, if they can't get their subscriptions to work, what's next to go? Don't suppose it concerns me any more Now, Where to go? There's an interesting little sexy french number, and even a rather flamboyant american job ernie
  4. Oh dear, what has happened to dear old RCM&E ernie
  5. thanks GG Sorry, but I do know that. I did send an email. shouldn't of said link I cannot imagine a life without my monthly dose of Whittaker et al. ernie
  6. Hi David, and thanks for the quick reply. Too bad the link isn't working, or at least not for me ernie
  7. Hi all, and many thanks for your input, but still no action on this, Could someone from RCM&E contact me ernie
  8. hi Beth, I'm trying to renew my subscription to RCM&E I'm really trying. I cant get through by email, Im told that my email address is used by another member, and when I try to phone (from France) I I get nowhere ernie
  9. Hi, and especially so to your subscription people I really do enjoy RCM&E? It is a joyful day when madame la poste pops my new edition into the mailbox. My subscription has nearly run out, so here I am trying to renew. There seems to be a wee problem with the email address that I've been using for about a million years, so the RCM&E computer won't accept my bundle of pound notes Of course I try to phone that nice lady who usually takes my money, but inevitably, there is another problem. I can't get through. It seems that france telecom and RCM&E arent talking ernie
  10. thanks to all of you, I'll give it a go, and report back ernie
  11. Hi all, I'm thinking about the joints on a piano wire undercarriage. Usually, I bind them with fuse wire or suchlike, and soft solder them. This works fine, but, I can never get a really fine finish. I wonder about silver soldering them, but am wary that the great heat will effect the temper/strength of the wire Any thoughts ernie
  12. maybe if I google green and black modelisme site? or groen schwartz ernie
  13. Hi all, and merci for your input. I've put together a list of modelshops in France, and a few in the rest of Europe. Hope it will be useful. Flash RC Intermodel Weymuller Miniplanesz PB modelisme PS aerobertics 1001 hobbies CMB modélisme Absolu modelisme RC team Multirex Big planes rctronics-tropp-rippen Lindinger Hope this is useful ernie
  14. Hi Grumpy, I do quite a lot of this sort of stuff. Photoshop is undoubtedly best, but expensive, and pretty difficult to use. There is a simpified version called photoshop elements, which you can buy. You can probably pick up a reasonably priced version on ebay or suchlike. There are also many clones, of varying quality. The results can be very good indeed. If you need more detailed advice, just PM me ernie
  15. hi,and yes Don, I know brico depôt, I'll have a long look. Many years ago it was a troc (sort of junk shop for the mods) SWIMBO and I used to go there often, she bought me a beautiful ancient vets syringe with an enormous needle for injecting horses and suchlike. I used it for years for priming, till I lent it to a mate who forgot to give it back (hi G) I'm putting together a list. Suppose I should check all the shops out ernie
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