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  1. I used to buy in bulk for our club for many years. Outstanding delivery service. I never, ever had a problem with it, and it seemed to keep my engines immaculate inside. Great stuff!.
  2. So that's why the BMFA had a lot of enquiries, after BOBMS. The hobby is supposed to be fun, if not give up and take up watching paint dry.
  3. Five of us are now flying the much modified foamboard Vulcan. 70mm 12 blade EDF 4S Lipo. Mods are ongoing, but quickest so far is 91mph, the aim being to break 100mph. Watt meter spec. 77A / 1145W Weight 31.4oz A 6s version is on the horizon. We have all had tremendous fun with these models.....huge thanks to Bonzo for posting his original video!.
  4. Try a balance charge, which should get them all the same.
  5. Me to Richard. Royal Engineers from 67 - 93. Strange how we ended up with these engines!.
  6. Yes, they do Bruce. But when the initial enthusiasm wains its back to the usual few to do virtually everything. However, its not all doom and gloom as a few years ago we instigated specific jobs for each committee member: Grounds / mowing, caravan maint, club shop, BMFA, Club comps, club web site, as well as the club sec. etc. So far the division of responsibility has worked really well. I just get a bit miffed with it when, we organise a works party which will benefit all members, and just the above bods turn up. We have even had the odd member turn up whilst we are beavering away and heard comments like "I joined the club to fly.....not to work". At that point I have to really bite my tongue!.
  7. Brilliant, thanks for sharing as usual!.
  8. We tried this as well, along with driving our ride on mower up and down the damaged area. Limited success!. We are getting excited about trying the wacker plate idea, if it works, it could be the answer to repairing small bumpy areas. Sounds like we are not alone in having only a handful of members who are keen to get the site up to speed. Rest of them not remotely interested really!. I could rant on about the topic, but its not worth the effort.
  9. Anybody tried strapping a 12 blade 70mm 4s EDF (or similar) on the Hobbyking Bixler?. There are a few on You tube, one with twin 50mm running 4s. Could be fun with a few mods!.
  10. Exactly right. We are going to give the wacker a trial first, no point in spending club members money unless we really have to.
  11. One of our members has a decent wacker plate which we are going to borrow, and do a trial patch. I would echo the other comments. 25 members and despite reminders, 3 members (all Committee), did the bulk of the work. Say no more.
  12. In the spring, we are thinking about purchasing a "Whacker Plate" to help flattening some areas of our flying patch. We had a big problem with moles, and although they have now gone (and with lots of raking and seeding), we are still left with a rather bumpy / uneven area (15m x 15m). We have hired a sit on roller in the past, but its awkward judging the weather etc. etc. and expensive. Has any other club gone down this road in the past?. Any views appreciated.
  13. Having had several of this type of battery over the years, I gave up on them many moons ago. For more or less the same price I purchased a decent leisure battery via an e.bay supplier. I NEVER charge Lipos at home. I also purchased a 100w solar panel second hand (plus control box), and do all the charging etc. up the field.
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