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  1. At least it comes with tinted windows ...... so nobody can recognise you.
  2. Actually, your calculation is correct. I accidentally left the calculator set to monthly interest after the 5% calculation. The 7% one is paid at the end of each year.
  3. Its the LiFePO4 batteries and inverter equipment guarantee that is limited to 10 years.
  4. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Solar Panels don't make sense. I just couldn't justify it at the time. Circumstances have changed and I'm continually weighing up the pros and cons. The thing that would swing it for me is if the government did what they should do (needs to do?) in order to reach their CO2 targets and offered financial incentives. Half price solar panels anyone?
  5. Yes, there's a risk with any form of investment. The 7% I referred to is with Kuflink Auto IF-ISA, though there are many others out there. The risk is acceptable to me, but it may not be to others. As always, do your own research and understand the risks. You are right that the system will probably have some life left in it after 10 years, but then it won't have a guaranteed life as the guarantee will have run out, so that in itself is a risk that needs to be understood.
  6. £10k was the exact best price I was quoted for a similar installation last year (just before energy prices went daft). This was for a GivEnergy Hybrid system with 5kWp array. It was also at a time when AgileOctopus tarif was available, which meant that in theory, you could buy cheap (or even free) energy at night, store it in the battery and then sell it at peak times. I calculated that I would save somewhere between £500 and £1000 per year on electricity (without the AgileOctupus tarif, the annual saving was less than £500 per year). This appears impressive at first glance but you need to dig a little deeper before taking the plunge. Over 10 years the system "might" just pay for itself i.e. 10 x £1000 per year saving = £10,000. At this point I would have saved £10k on bills, have a bank balance of £0 and a life expired system (?) which may or may not be capable of producing energy. i.e. I would have broken even but not have much to show for it. On the other hand, if I invested my £10k wisely and got easily achievable 5% compounded interest on it, I would have £16,470 in the bank. I'm actually currently getting up to 7% interest on my investment, which equates to £20,096 over 10 years i.e. £1000 a year saving plus I will still have my original capital. It was a "no-brainer" at the time, so I didn't purchase the system. The "temporary?" energy price rise obviously affects the situation, but I didn't have a crystal ball to predict this. I'd love to invest in a Solar system, have an electric car I can charge cheaply at night and do my bit for the human race (the planet will be fine regardless). Unfortunately, the figures just don't add up and will never add up unless the government introduce incentives to help us all to do our bit.
  7. The way NOT to "save the planet" is for everyone to rush out and buy brand new resource hungry EVs. My thought is (always has been) to run a car for as long as possible until the end of its life. When it does reach the end of its life, that's the time to consider going electric. Mine is 12 years old now and due for it's MOT this month. That will decide my next move.
  8. Now THAT makes sense!
  9. Impressive MPG figures there John. Does the car (or meter) keep track of how many KWh of electrical energy has been added? I guess that "EV mode" as displayed on the screen means that the IC engine only kicks in when you run out of electrons?
  10. I wonder who'll be the first person to mention Trigger's broom..... My first model from 2005 is still active. Can't say the same about Norbert the pilot unfortunately.
  11. It did fracture after a few flight and has subsequently had a new header fitted and been OK since.
  12. This model is now for sale. See HERE and HERE.
  13. WESTON CAPICHE 50cc complete with AGM55 PETROL ENGINE, WESTON GENESIS CANISTER SILENCER and JR922 + 3 Satellite receivers. The model is in good condition throughout. It is a lovely flier and is very reliable. All parts were purchased brand new for the build and are all included in the sale. This includes: Quality airframe. 89" (2.26m) wing span. 92" (2.33m) length (excluding spinner). AGM 55 Petrol Engine. Weston Genesis 50cc three chamber cannister silencer and header. 6 x HiTec HS-7985MG Coreless 12.4Kg 0.13s Servos (1 on each wing, 1 on rudder, 2 on elevator halves, 1 on throttle). Precision Pull-Pull system on all control surfaces (no free play). Wing Bags. JR922 PowerSafe receiver system with 3 x JR EA101 Satellite Receivers, Failsafe switch and fully redundant power supplies. AGM Heavy Duty Ignition Switch / Fuel Dot. 2 x 2100mAh LiFe batteries for receiver / servos. 1 x 2100mAh LiFe battery for the engine ignition. RCexl V2 Kill Switch. AGM 23 x 8 wooden prop. Wheel Spats. Never fitted as I never bother with them. I Produced a detailed build blog at the time of the build of this model, which shows the skill, care and attention that went into the build. Full build blog here: https://www.modelflying.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/40435-weston-capiche-50cc-build/ £799 or offers. Payment via PayPal or Cash on Collection. Inspection welcome / recommended. Collection (from Doncaster) only - No postage due to the nature of the item.
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