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  1. Andy. Yes it is. Frequency allocation is detailed and explained in the BMFA Handbook.
  2. Available with easily replaced Deans connector HERE
  3. Just stumbled upon this. A brilliant cover of a true "work of art".
  4. Someone chucked a lump of cheddar at me yesterday in the supermarket. I told them that wasn't mature.
  5. Speed looks ok but mobile version menus etc still not right.
  6. Wife: My hands are covered in blisters from using this broom! Husband: Well take the car next time!
  7. Have they tried turning it off and back on again?
  8. I made a discovery about the hamburger menu on mobile. Tap the burger and the screen darkens, then double click. The menu appears allowing the notifications to be read and reset. Not what it should do but it's a workaround for this particular issue. Edit - alternatively, pinch the screen to zoom out after the screen darkens. The menu is actually appearing but is off screen. Similar situation for viewing who sent "likes".
  9. The hamburger menu on the mobile version is still not working.
  10. Nah. Swivels are for lines which twist in use. Pull pull lines don't, as they are anchored at each end. To remove any twist during adjustment, just remove the clevis, tease out any twist and reattach the clevis. A swivel doubles the number of crimp connectors per run, which is a bad thing. KISS.
  11. Your spellchecker must be running at 39mb/sec Matty
  12. Image and a bit more info from HERE
  13. I do same as you Ron. Pliers first, then 2 or 3 nips with wire cutters to grip the wire. Always works but I always feel that there must be a better way.
  14. Slow for me on all devices. On Android phone, the hamburger menu just makes the screen darken but does nothing else.
  15. Dusty is now up for sale. See HERE and HERE.
  16. At least it comes with tinted windows ...... so nobody can recognise you.
  17. Actually, your calculation is correct. I accidentally left the calculator set to monthly interest after the 5% calculation. The 7% one is paid at the end of each year.
  18. Its the LiFePO4 batteries and inverter equipment guarantee that is limited to 10 years.
  19. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Solar Panels don't make sense. I just couldn't justify it at the time. Circumstances have changed and I'm continually weighing up the pros and cons. The thing that would swing it for me is if the government did what they should do (needs to do?) in order to reach their CO2 targets and offered financial incentives. Half price solar panels anyone?
  20. Yes, there's a risk with any form of investment. The 7% I referred to is with Kuflink Auto IF-ISA, though there are many others out there. The risk is acceptable to me, but it may not be to others. As always, do your own research and understand the risks. You are right that the system will probably have some life left in it after 10 years, but then it won't have a guaranteed life as the guarantee will have run out, so that in itself is a risk that needs to be understood.
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