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  1. Another one bites the dust - shame. All replaced by the info on www I guess.
  2. Agreed, seems a bit 'skewed' otherwise as lots of people won't have all the little items that will be needed.... e.g. horns, clevises, saddle clamps, wheels, etc. etc.
  3. Similar experience here - we have attended several local fetes, sometimes flying, sometimes static only. A number of people stop for chats but not one has taken up our offer of some free 'tasters'. Typically, we get new members from our web (thanks BMFA!) and Facebook presence. Regarding age, the vast majority of our members are retired; some are 'returnees', some are new to the hobby, some are life long modellers. We have a few juniors who are reliant in parents; a couple come with their father who also flies so are seen quite regularly; one is brought by his father whenever that's possible - a less regular attendee. Over the four years I have been part of the club, membership has remained pretty stable, despite a number of members leaving for various reasons. We do have a club trainer that our chairman maintains, and he does most of the training, although most of the regular fliers are more than happy to help on a buddy box, or be on hand for less experienced pilots if they need to be 'talked through' things. "This will be the death of the hobby" has seemingly been an oft-uttered phrase since I started in the 70s. Nowadays, whilst equipment is much more sophisticated, and packages that almost guarantee success are readily available, flying sites seem to be less and less available - especially for any ic power. Unlike most clubs (I think) the number of ic powered craft is actually increasing! As ever, the hobby is evolving. Am I complacent? No. Am I alarmed? No. Just aware that we need to make sure that ANY & ALL contact with prospective new members is positive, and that the field is always a harmonious and welcoming place for our members. Obviously as people are different, we're not 100% successful! But pretty much so....
  4. Some really nice models there. Lots of big ones, as you said! Personally, I'm not a huge fan for the current 'bigger is better' trend.............. living up to my moniker I guess...... for me the sweet spot is 15-20cc - big enough for presence, small enough to transport easily, and relatively economical to build and fly.
  5. Good news that you're recovering. I has if for far less than you, but still have a little cough (4 months later), easily fatigued, and according to my wife, I have brain fog! I now try and do as much modelling and pottering sitting down, and make sure I take a camping chair to the flying field. Your build is looking great!
  6. Or, if the OP has voltage telemetry, he can use that - either watch the tx with the aircraft on the ground, or better still, have the tx read out ever few seconds in flight......
  7. Yup, been like this for a while. Some places (Wheelspin I think) get them from Germany, takes a while but better than the alternative. They're typically marked as 'Supplier Stock'. That's how I got a hatch for a Hangar 9 Valiant. Ridiculously expensive of course.....
  8. The beaches near us are NEVER free from dog walkers........
  9. Me - for the first time in a week, whilst my wife looked after the puppy. Just took my Wots Wot foamy, and my Arrows Hawk. Lovely time in the sun, with good company. Kev flew his Decathlon and Super Chipmunk in his usual spirited fashion! Ian just avoided a mid-air with Tony, but couldn't avoid the ground. With the help of some Por, his Hawk will soon be flying again Kev (another one) brought something to drool over - an HP in-line twin, 2 x 61's joined together. Then he struggled with the engine in his unknown vintage pattern ship. I wanted to see it fly but had to leave.... Tony flew his insanely aerobatic Hacker Zoom - about 100 rolls a second! Brian flee his Wot trainer, but after 2 near disasters, called it a day. Then he and Ian spent 90 minutes trying to set up a Spektrum receiver with SAFE..... thought these were supposed to be easier than OpenTx (my tongue is in my cheek...) Eric turned up just as I was leaving - and brought the wind with him.
  10. Kwiksilver? That's a proper blast from the past.... you don't have a Suzie Q and a Soarcerer as well do you?
  11. I don't think I have ever built a model without some mistakes. Usually, they end up hidden and nobody knows..... except me......
  12. I always start with such good intentions.... then I damage a model so there are two on the go..... then a chance for a long lusted after kit comes along and thee are three on the go.... Currently have a P47, a Valiant, a Tiger Moth (rubber), and a Miniplane on the go. Plus about a dozen others that need some tlc. And I need my Ultrastick to jump the queue so I can fly it on Tuesday!
  13. Lol. I'm believing he had minimal input, to allow my comment to stand
  14. No idea about ELRS, but can confirm that DSM2 works fine with the Radiomaster internal MPM - dead easy to set up as well.
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