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  1. I too have only had one failure - Multiplex. Had no issues with Futaba, Spektrum, Sanwa, McGregor, JR, Skyleader, FrSky, Radiomaster........... Re usage, now I am retired, I fly most mornings when it's not raining/too windy. I'll fly a dozen times per day - mainly because I start early and have nobody to talk to most of the time!
  2. Radiomaster TX16S is a brilliant piece of kit. Obviously, at this price-point, it doesn't feel as well built as a Futaba (indeed it doesn't feel as nice as a Taranis X9D) but...... it's got 16 channels, the MPM allows you to use pretty much any receiver, it has space for more models than I'll ever need, supports SBUS, and telemetry. I currently have mine bound to : Old Spektrum DSM2 receivers Old Spektrum DSMX receivers Spektrum DSMX SAFE receivers Orange DSM2 receivers Parkfly FrSky compatible D8 receivers - about £10 each FrSky 4 channel receivers - about £20 each FrSky 6 channel receivers - about £25 each FrSky 8 channel receivers - about £35 each Radiomaster 8 channel receivers - £20 each Futaba S-FHSS receiver on a small indoor heli. Never had an issue with any of these and use prop electric, prop glow, prop petrol, electric edf . It is OpenTX which is a bit of a learning curve (feels like a cliff for a few weeks!), and if you want touch capability of the large bright colour screen, you'll need to change to EdgeTX - I haven't and don't miss touch screen tbh. And programming it can be done via the very capable Companion PC programme. There are also a seemingly endless number of YouTube videos to help if needed. I originally bought mine as a backup for my Taranis, but actually prefer it so my Taranis is now the backup!
  3. Yes, been reading quietly Looking forward to the flying bit!
  4. Been flippin' freezing her in East Riding. Wish I'd had time to stop and take photos yesterday morning - the freezing fog had coated all the dead flower/weed heads. Stayed in the warm and played with my new toy...... Sooooo much easier to fly than my old mcpx!
  5. Glad you're now recovered Dirk. Very very impressive work.
  6. Unless he put the receiver from a crashed plane into another and then also crashed that (unlikely given he's skilled and not reckless) sounds unlikely to be Rx. Or, if they were all DSM2, maybe there's a specific area that's best avoided - we have one SE of our strip that Spektrum users avoid, even on DSMX (which is probably just habit on non-DSM2 rx's).
  7. Lovely warm, calm day her in East Yorks yesterday. Spent a lovely morning with 4 buddies at the field. Much flying, much banter, bit of WotsApp mickey-taking of the non-retired; all planes home in one piece. Bliss!
  8. Yes Robert, High Start in the US = Bungee in the UK
  9. Not entirely convinced a whacking great cross-head screw is best engineering solution to securing a gear..... interesting little display item though.
  10. I have entire outdoor planes that would fit in there.......
  11. The RC car brigade often keep their LiPos in little heated containers......
  12. My name is Mark, and I am a LiPo abuser. When I get a new plane/pack, I have a couple of flights to see where I should set my flight timer, then pretty much ignore the packs after that.... I shove them on my chargers until they beep, them fly until my timer says stop, then take them home. Then repeat. I only check them if they start to obviously deteriorate or become puffed. I don't lose many packs even abusing them this way. But, I don't have any packs above 4S, and none of my planes need optimal performance, or push the packs overly hard. My little edf packs are probably the hardest worked but they have lasted hundreds of cycles - so far.
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