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  1. A little bit done on the interior, I hate brush painting, two coats and it still look like it needs another..... The reds look different, but that's the camera, in reality they look the same. Ah well. I have to try and smooth out the ridges from a 3d printed pilot figure, anybody have any words of wisdom?? Cheers Danny
  2. Finished off the last of the litho panels around the bulkhead. Came out pretty well, chuffed with that. Back inside the cockpit next, picked up some red X7 Tamiya red for the interior panels. Will have to be brush painted, I hate brush painting! Cheers Danny
  3. Lovely work as always Dirk, glad you are feeling better
  4. I look forward to following along, should be very interesting. I have a "Just under 1/4 scale" Hutson one lurking somewhere. And am finishing up an older DB Auster. They are a little beefy by modern standards, but all seem to fly well. Cheers Danny
  5. And on to the litho plate sheathing around the nose, really enjoying the progress lately. I have used double sided carpet tape for the first time, and its working really well. Would have no doubts electric, but with this oily thing up front who knows if it will still be on the model when it lands Riveted with a rounded piece of piano wire from the inside, then a length of brass tube from the outside. NOTE the rivets are at every intersection, then spaced out to fill the gaps. This is where your rows of sticky rivets will always look wrong to me. But that's just my opinion Cheers Danny
  6. I think flat black is too flat, might add a satin top coat.... Cheers Danny
  7. Next up is an instrument panel, really simply done the Dave Platt way, but with a little technology thrown in... Cheers Danny
  8. A little more done today. The process is shown on Youtube, just look for my page. Cheers Danny
  9. Hi Chris, thanks for asking, easier if I show you. It involves crochet thread and a contact adhesive, in this case UHU-Por Seat beading Cheers Danny
  10. Been musing over the vinyl beading around the perimeter of the seat cushions, found a simple way to do it. Should look great once painted. Cheers Danny
  11. Hi Stu, and thanks for the feedback Still debating whether to paint or airbrush. The cockpit interior will have to be a brush i think, but the seats themselves could be airbrushed. One guy on RCSB used tissue and thinned pva as a surface finish, tempting.... Cheers Danny
  12. Thanks Eric, I still have a bit left but I sure people would be interested in a suitable substitute to Sheffield Insulations blue foam? I had a play with the back of a front seat, but unlike the back seat which has lumps and ripples standing proud, the front seat had ridges and ripples going inwards, much harder to replicate, still better than smooth surfaces. Hopefully I can make a little more convincing with the airbrush. Video on how the back seat was done. Cheers Danny
  13. Hi Basil, the pilot figure was pointed out to me by a forumite in this thread, back a few pages. He is from Max Grueter and is available as an STL file for €35 you then have to get it printed. Andy Meade has set up a small business printing them at the scale you require. The head is resin printed by a friend, another friend printed the body using normal 3d printing. Okay did a bit more on the cockpit, concentrating on the rear seat today. I have made a video of the process if anybody is interested? Cheers Danny
  14. I wouldn't go as far as that Alan, you know me cannot resist the odd rivet or two
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