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  1. Many thanks I had thought they would need to be connected. Ian
  2. Hi, I have a Wots Wot kit not ARTF and am struggling to see from the instructions how the interplane struts attach to each wing. I have a slotted ply plate and the ply interplane struts but no mention of how they attach. Wondered if anyone has any info on this Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the advice I was just wondering if anybody had a different clunk setup, the valve system is just a one way valve & I have been using them for 35 years...works perfectly Ian
  4. Many thanks I will do some checking the valve is to keep the system pressurised and stop unspent fuel coming out of the exhaust, works a treat.
  5. How do people set up their fuel tank and engine so you don't loose power in outside loops or whenever the plane is in a vertical dive? Currently my OS55 has a standard fuel setup with pressure from the exhaust with a one way valve, but when I'm at the bottom of the loop the engine is searching for fuel. Many thanks Ian
  6. Can I change my Futaba 7c transmitter battery without loosing all the data when I unplug the old one? Thanks Ian
  7. That's Brilliant Bob many thanks It doesn't happen to mention where the thrust line is on the Firewall does it? the one I have has no markings. or engine mount as yet. Thanks once again Ian
  8. I found an old post giving the CofG as 161mm from the leading edge which looks about right as a starting point. I've just set the whole fuselage level on the bench and with an incidence meter on the horizontal stabiliser levelled to zero the Firewall is pointing upwards....which I cant believe is correct. It's not going well......
  9. I have just acquired a 60 size Joker in need of renovation. Does anybody have a PDF plan of this plane? or could advise as to the CofG right thrust & down thrust? Many thanks Ian
  10. Hi, I have a fully built & ready to go for next season DSM Aerostar 69 would this qualify as an eligible plane to enter competitions? It's 25 years since I last flew an F3A competition and have no intention of spending the best part of 7k to fly with the big boys. Also have an Atlas that I'm building from scratch which may be ready in the spring. Thanks Ian
  11. Could anybody let me know what density foam is best for wings, I'm going to have a go at making some. something I last did 35 years ago... Thanks Ian
  12. Does anybody know where I could get a set of digital plans for the Atlas? I downloaded a PDF from outerzone but when you print them out they are not very accurate. Many Thanks Ian
  13. Thanks for all the help I have family in the USA who are going to send me a Navarossi for $39 even though its made in Italy I'll probably crash the plane first time out now! Ian
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