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  1. Installed a 13x6 as could not find anything more suitable, so not far from your recommendations ED. Will try removing some of the adverse yaw trim before I fly as possibly the misaligned wing was the issue but not totally convinced.
  2. Well engine is back in but cant recall what prop I used. Any recommendations for a Laser 75 FS?
  3. Looked again at the wing today and could observe little in terms of the wing tip TE & LE heights in relation to a reference bench line being significantly different. So decided to investigate further as an inbuilt warp does not appear to be the cause of the out of trim condition. Model has not been flown for well over a year so powered up the radio to see what trim setting had been used in the past. Port aileron was sitting a good 3/16" up in relation to the stb aileron which was at neutral. Tx had full left trim applied which indicates the model has an inbuilt turn to Stb requiring drag on the Port side to achieve straight and level flight. Checked the balanced of the wing and found the Port side heavier which would have helped the inbuilt Stb turn, so don't think that is the cause of the problem. Having refitted the wing noted there appeared some minor misalignment in relation to the tail. Viewing the model from the rear the Port wing seat was high thus forcing the tail to sit as if the model was banked to the right. Not 100% sure if this is the cause of the out of trim condition but never the less I sanded back the wing seat to achieve a more aligned reference of the tail to the wing. Will now refit the motor and give it another flight to see what happens.
  4. Did think of cutting the wing in half but don't know what the jointing method was as did not build the model. Assume the wing had some form of dihedral brace let into a slot.
  5. Have a one piece wing which has a foam core, hardwood skin covered with cloth and epoxy belonging to a 6ft wingspan warbird. Unfortunately the model flies with a significant deflection on one wing aileron due to an alignment issue when the wing was originally built resulting in one half of the wing having a different incidence angle at the tip in relation to the other. Don't think this situation can be recovered unless anyone has any novel ideas I can try. Did think I could build another wing but that is a lot of work given the wing has retracts and flaps so open to any suggestions I could try.
  6. Thanks Ron, did think that may the case. Possibly next year things will be back to normal although sure Covid will still be lurking with another variant to keep us old folks watching our backs.
  7. Out of interest did many traders pitch up this year?
  8. Well if you ever find the reason I would be also interested Nigel as I have the opposite problem with the model pitching down. I have started removing nose weight but not convinced the model is nose heavy as it has flown ok in the past. Possible my issues are the flying speed as the model is marginal on engine power and I have been trying different props to get the best out of an RCV58CD. Assume you have checked the motor mount to see if the thrust line is flexing as you change throttle setting. Soft elevator push rods could be another reason.
  9. On a number of occasions I have seen gliders being flown from a field in Hockliffe. Access to the site is far from obvious so can anyone give me details of this club?
  10. Thanks Mike, did find a video on U tube showing that method of setting different Rx No's so will do that to verify the system works.
  11. Yes Andy using the second receiver for redundancy. Any suggestions how to test the set-up? Thinking I could disconnect the slave, then mask the main Rx antennas with foil whilst setting the Tx in range check mode and note the RSI reading. Then connect the slave and verify the RSI has increased. However I don't know how or when the main Rx decides to swap to the secondary Rx. Does it require total signal loss or keep swapping between both dependent on which Rx gets the best signal?
  12. Like the idea of using an ultrasonic cleaning bath. Any recommendations as to size / type?
  13. From what I see on the RX8R instructions the R-XSR needs to have its SBUS Out connected to the RX8R Sbus In. Next query is how do I turn off the telemetry on the R-XSR. Should I first bind the R-XSR with no telemetry and then bind the RX8R with telemetry On?
  14. Trying to use an R-XSR as a secondary Rx to an RX8R Pro but completely lost as to what connections to make or what the set-up process is. Can anyone advise how to proceed?
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