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  1. Could be in spam, or you may have made a typo when entering the email address. Email [email protected] and we can look at it.
  2. No, you will need to re-subscribe. See https://bmfa.org/new-bmfa-website-launched
  3. Can't replicate any issues here. Image below is a screen shot from Firefox. If anyone is having any issues though or feedback please feel free to let me know at [email protected]
  4. Have been working on it for a while. Went live around lunchtime today.
  5. Website is under maintenance at the moment. Should be up in a few hours. Will look slightly different though.
  6. Thats the plan. Just a matter of finding the time to get them all online with everything else I currently have on my to do list.
  7. Its great to read the wonderful reports we are receiving, really positive stuff.
  8. Lets not bring negativity into such a positive event. Lets push the positive side of our hobby and we will hopefully pull new blood in.
  9. A vital part of the team! Without the record co-ordinators in each club it wouldn't have worked! Next year though, fly aswell!
  10. A great video and report, many thanks for submitting them as part of the record verification process. I have already added this one to the website. See https://100.bmfa.org/record/nlmfc
  11. We wont be cancelling. Forecast isnt too bad across most of the country.
  12. If anyone wants to find out more about the record attempt and BMFA Centenary and ask any questions there is an opportunity at this evenings In the Air Tonight session. Click the link below to register to attend. https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PweuOUSKRoCdWDyge-eYfw
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