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  1. Its not an error. That is simply the date the club processed your membership.
  2. You are indeed insured from the moment the club receives your payment. However the membership system doesnt know when you pay the club, only when it is processed.
  3. Sorted. Password reset email on its way too.
  4. The issue is almost certainly relating to your user name and email address being 2 different email addresses. User name is a tiscali address, email is gmail. Which should it be?
  5. Message me your membership number and I will take a look in the morning.
  6. The secretary of the club isn't the arbiter, he is the messenger, it should be something that is discussed by the committee just as they would discuss who a potential examiner candidate would be before putting them forward to be assessed as an examiner.
  7. Any chance of a screen shot? Members personal data obscured of course.
  8. New article 16 authorisation should be issued well before the end of the month.
  9. Trevor Correct id should be back again now.
  10. No, we discovered this issue earlier, have already corrected the issue and your latest Op Id will be back in place at some point tomorrow.
  11. Can you ensure you compelte the online form at the link that was in the confirmation email for CAA renewal please. If your current Op Id is not on our system the CAA will reject the renewal.
  12. No, you will find when the renewal is completed the expiry date will be correct.
  13. We have been working on this issue. Not straight forward, however, we have setup a method where you will be able to submit CAA registration renewals further in advance than the 28 days. The window will be 90 days initially, which should bring in the bulk of renewals which are due in February. We will be keeping the process under review going forward. An email is going out to club secretaries today to inform them.
  14. What has changed is the system the CAA introduced in February last year for the registration uploads will not accept renewals longer than 28 days in advance of their expiry. Unfortunately the CAA have not been able to alter their systems to allow this to change.
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