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  1. Could you just print different size rings to go into the venturi inlet for engine testing purposes. After tests you could try your machining skills again.
  2. A rather arrogant couple of posts from this member, assuming that we are of a lower IQ than himself.
  3. Here's hoping that all goes well and no staff suffer.
  4. As Max says, double check that you are following the instructions carefully. Took me two goes before I synced mine, now all fine.
  5. Haven't tried it myself but a small caveat to Engine Doctors' greenhouse test, UV does not penetrate glass. Impressed by the test however as it sure will have seen a good range of temperatures.
  6. Depends on the size of the hole but some plastics can be repaired using a soldering iron to melt and join the plastic to itself.
  7. I am waiting to see how they respond to the search and rescue tests performed using a personal jet-pack. Will the rescuers have to get permission from the respective land owner prior to approval by DNPA because being a non-allowed powered craft is going to contravene quite a few bye-laws. Will it end up quicker just to send out the usual search party?
  8. I'm definitely not fully up to speed with new TVs but have been looking at adding a sound bar to my existing TV which is not new. There seems to be various standards applicable to new and not-so-new TVs with regards to the HDMI interface and sound transfer. It might be worth while looking into your new TV requirements compared to the output from your system (soft or hard ware).
  9. One trouble with Axminster is the lack of a fat wallet when you walk into their store. Did it once when passing through the town and just kept going, ooh I want one of those, for a good half hour.
  10. Yes, I had the email and have completed the survey to the best of my simple minded, hobbyist abilities. Sadly it was prepared by someone who doesn't read their own writing. Answer one question and the next one assumes a previous answer was the one feeding this question. But we try our best with quangos don't we?
  11. My first heat gun so maybe there are better but this one seems quite a reasonable bargain. Priced at £19.99 it has adjustable temperature control from 50 degC up to 650 degC for charcoal lighting along with variable airflow. I'll be using it for film shrinking as well as paint stripping.
  12. Thank you and Seasons Greetings to you and yours, here's to a better 2022.
  13. Extra laps is an idea but sadly the cars don't carry enough fuel for that to happen.
  14. If it is not working how did you check the servo? Have you plugged in another servo to the RX and if so does it work?
  15. ++ Agreed but that is at a different voltage. Rough figures... 100 amp at 12 volts is 1200 Watts, at 230 volts it is 23000 Watts.
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