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  1. I’m responding by ignoring pointless speculation, pessimists, doom mongers and those that look to the past with rose tinted spectacles. Rather I rejoice at still being able to partake in this wonderful pastime & enjoy the ever increasing quantity & quality of products that are available from all around the globe. …and I look forward to my next flying session and the sheer joy I experience when flying my models.
  2. Modelfixings’ cap headed self tappers are excellent in this application. I always used them as my default when I flew IC & I still have a couple of packets of No6 (3.6mm) in my screws draw. https://www.modelfixings.co.uk/cap_head_woodscrews.htm
  3. Jeti quote the sensitivity of all their receivers. I have no idea what it means though, other than they work! e.g.:
  4. At Weston Park today both SLEC & Balsa Cabin had loads of balsa. I wasn't in the market for any so did not examine closely but there appeared to be plenty of all sizes.
  5. John Lee


    Still showing availability at https://www.freeflightsupplies.co.uk/index.php/products/lightweight-covering-materials so worth checking with Mike.
  6. I think you will find it is a JST CE-S Connector. Link JST-XH are more common on LiPo balance leads. JST make 30,000+ different connectors! It is a long time since I sold my DSX9 but I have a vague recollection of struggling to source that connector and ending up cutting off the lead from my old battery and grafting it onto the new.
  7. This is all good background knowledge and very relevant in some installations. However in specific answer to the OP's question - don't worry about it Simon and put the ESC's in the wing as you intend. In the TwinStar the runs are so comparatively short & the components lightly stressed either way is not an issue. Like Frank the ESC's in mine are in the wing and have been operating without any fuss for about 7 years.
  8. I can't recall a model of that name - could it just be a random decal put on by the builder? The aircraft has the distinct air of one of the old Dave Smith Models. If you can provide a photo of the complete model with the wings on, plus its dimensions, you may have a better chance of getting its ID.
  9. I also just use them, but for reference Overlander's Instructions are: "4) For the first discharge, use low discharging current and keep the the discharging time to a 6-minute session with 15-minute break."
  10. I found this by accident back in the 70's when I painted a model in the JPS Black/Gold colour scheme & found it was easier than my other models to see. It subsequently evolved into a black/yellow scheme on most of the sports models I have built since. It does have the disadvantage of becoming rather hot on sunny days though.
  11. We may be using more powerful servos now but that is largely irrelevant - it is the aerodynamic forces on the control surfaces acting back through the control linkages that will act on the mountings. As long as a servo has not stalled that will be the same whether the servo is rated at 1Kg or 100Kg. Whilst there is a theoretical advantage in mounting longitudinally I would defy any normal (as opposed to World class) modeller to detect a difference in practice on any small to medium (say 7kg) models. I know I can't.
  12. Matty, if you click the 'Subscriptions' tab above you get the following:
  13. Good to know, thanks Ron. With David Ashby's review of their Leprechaun due in the next edition of the magazine I expect there will be a surge of interest in the brand, which fully deserves greater recognition in the UK.
  14. It seems that this is nothing new. From a 1945 edition of Model Gliders by Ron Warring which I picked up recently on eBay: but somehow the hobby has managed to survive for the following 77 years.
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