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  1. Well if it's the noise & smell you want you can't beat: https://www.eifflaender.com/engines/19-paw-49-2-and-paw-60-2-tbr-r-c
  2. Self adhesive vinyl. Pretty well unlimited choice of colours & size. I buy mail order from these for no better reason than they are relatively close to me but there are numerous suppliers: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/gabvinyls
  3. I run mine with Hacker's own X-12-Pro ESC on its default settings with a 10x8 prop and 3S Lipo & it operates faultlessly. I've just interrogated the ESC & the settings shown are:
  4. 4 flights with the Wots-wot this morning to get the year off to a good start. Gentle breeze & 15 degrees, it could have been May. Happy New year all.
  5. For many years I used these Socket Cap self tappers from Modelfixings with 100% security and no issues whatsoever on 09's through to 120's. I drilled the appropriate pilot hole & used a spring washer 'just in case' but I doubt the latter was necessary. Not built an IC for many years now but I still have a couple of packets of the screws in stock. https://www.modelfixings.co.uk/cap_head_woodscrews.htm
  6. https://www.4-max.co.uk/pdf/How-to-wire-up-a-twin-Brushless-aircraft-rev2.pdf
  7. I've also uploaded a copy of the manual last Wednesday on this thread which you can download as a .pdf: https://www.modelflying.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/49288-beginners-kits/&do=findComment&comment=906711
  8. http://model-plans.co.uk/index.html has it listed in his collection: http://model-plans.co.uk/peck polymer.htm worth dropping an email?
  9. Keep an eye out for the old Carl Goldberg Cub kit on Ebay/BMFA/RCM&E classifieds, I doubt you will find one in the shops. It seems to tick all your boxes, a copy of the assembly instructions is attached and as you can see it is exemplary and leaves nothing to your imagination gpma0963-manual.pdf
  10. The user guide is still available on the Spektrum website: DSM2 manual: https://www.spektrumrc.com/ProdInfo/Files/SPMAR600-Manual.pdf DSMX supplement: https://www.spektrumrc.com/ProdInfo/Files/32168_SPM_Addendum_HR.pdf
  11. This is an earlier one marked 'DSM2' although some of these were in fact both DSM2 & DSMX, for a few months during the transition to DSMX the labels were not updated. There is no way of knowing until you try & bind it. Generally they are OK but the one below lost range and resides in my 'might come in useful one day' bits draw (eg might want the case one day).
  12. Something similar happened to me with an ESC miscounting a 3 cell HV battery as a 4 cell & then cutting off very quickly. Unplugging & reconnecting restored normal operation as the initial voyage had dropped slightly by then. Try fully charging the suspect battery & checking the cell count beeps on connection.
  13. I've pasted a copy of the entry in the Sussex Models Catalogue of 2008 for some more information. If you search for 'Topflite kits' on Ebay and filter for 'sold items' you can see that comparable kits usually go for £200-£300, though there has been no recent Spitfire.
  14. Give it a go. It may not be the total solution as the rudder mix will have different effects at different airspeeds but you may well find that it is beneficial. I'd suggest starting with say 5% and adjust up & down to taste. If nervous about it put it on a separate switch so that you can knock it off should it become unruly. On the other hand if feeling bolder and your radio permits you can put it on a slider so you can adjust the percentage mix readily until you it suits, then lock it in. I regularly tweak all sorts of low percentage mixes on my models to tune their responses. The purists may not like it but it suits me.
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