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  1. It seems that this is nothing new. From a 1945 edition of Model Gliders by Ron Warring which I picked up recently on eBay: but somehow the hobby has managed to survive for the following 77 years.
  2. The Declaration of Conformity in the manual is dated August 2010 so it will have been released shortly thereafter. I bought my first Spektrum Tx 2009.
  3. Yes, DX9 transmitters sold since Jan 2015 will be DSMX only, so if you want a DSM2 compatible Tx you will be looking for one that is at least 7 years old. Ignore the DSM2 compatibility shown on the comparison table above, that is for the American market. All those sold in the UK & EU since 2015 have had their firmware modified to make them DSMX only. Otherwise all DX9's are identical bar the colour of the Black Editions.
  4. I'd be slightly weary. I switched from a Spektrum Gen1 Tx to a Dx9 some years ago & did not regret it (albeit I now primarily use Jeti). One of the features of the Dx9 that attracted me was the Tx diversity aerials - two aerials set 90degrees apart in the handle and main antenna block. This allegedly gives much better RF coverage and avoids the weak signal spot if you point the aerial at the model. The DX8e does not have this feature & relies on a single antenna. It is marketed primarily as a beginners Tx for bind-and-fly models and personally I'd like something with just a bit more robust RF link for a large petrol model. As to displaying the Rx pack voltage, yes this is standard given a telemetry Rx. ps - don't dispose of the DX8 as the new generation transmitters will not operate any of your old DSM2 Rx's, but I guess you know that!
  5. I don't think the KWh added were shown Gary. There was lots of in depth information available if you dig into the menus but after an initial curiosity I seldom interrogated them. In common with most PHEVs the Prius has several selectable driving modes including pure EV, hybrid & charge the battery. So whilst the IC will always kick in if/when you deplete the battery you can also select it to operate if you want to retain the charge for use later in the journey. I no longer have the car as I swapped it at the end of the PCP for a Kia Soul EV. The 3 years I had it & the minimal amount of times I added petrol persuaded me that a pure EV fitted my lifestyle in retirement. Over 10 years I went from a V8>standard hybrid>plug-in hybrid>EV and for everyday transport I can't see me going back to IC. That said I also have a totally impracticable MX-5 for sunny days!
  6. It may seem a gimmick but used properly it works. This was the average MPG on my Prius plug-in over the total mileage shown.
  7. What do you want out of the hobby Robert? We are all different, with different aims, ambitions, talents & skills. Don't loose sight that his is a hobby and is undertaken for your personal pleasure & satisfaction. Some participants are quite content to just get airborne with a simple model, cruise about and never do a loop in their life. Others have ambitions to become a World Champion. Both are equally valid, there is no right & wrong. The hobby is a very broad church from the chuck glider to multi-engine jets. Decide what you want to achieve and I'm sure you will get plenty of help in achieving that objective.
  8. "give us an real estimation for an electric car in that size, age and mileage,,," As I said nobody knows. There are far too may unknown variables. Politicial, technological, environmental, world events etc etc . Plus the 'unknown unknowns'. And you can't take an individual experience and extrapolate it to a generalisation. Some cars never make it off the transporter from the factory, others are running after 100 years. The 14 years quoted is, I believe, from the 2021 UK SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) 2021 Automotive Sustainability Report.
  9. Nobody knows of course. But 8 year old Nissan Leafs & Renault Zoes are being advertised at £7K-£9K and BMW i£s for about £12k right now. For interest:
  10. In the last year reported the official statistics for England recorded 17,518 vehicle fires. https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/fire-statistics-great-britain The London Fire Brigade reported 1,021 petrol & diesel fires and 27 EV fires. If there was a significant additional risk with EV's it will be reflected in your insurance premium. You can easily check similar IC & electric cars on one of the price comparison sites. My insurance premium on my 2020 Kia Soul EV is less than £210pa.
  11. Would this stuff do? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Model-Techinics-Trim-Line-Self-Adhesive-Line-Tape-Stripe-for-Model-Car-Aircraft/193473002318 The colour bands are from 1mm to 10mm wide, on paper backing with a removable transfer tape on top. You can easily use just one or more of the stripes as you need. I stocked up at a show some time ago with black & gold which is my default colour scheme. If you search 'Model Trim Tape' you can find some other options for products & retailers.
  12. 3 years on and I think it's telling that of the first 4 arrivals at the field this afternoon 3 were pure electric (MG ZS, Kia Soul, Nissan Leaf) and one hybrid (Toyota Corolla).
  13. Agree with Peter. I use a Bluetooth dongle plugged into my Tx to feed telemetry, in particular vario tones, into wireless bud earphones so as not to annoy my fellow flyers with constant beeps etc. The Bluetooth module (from Amazon) can be seen in the bottom left of the photo. Jeti telemetry includes 'Q' which monitors the signal quality (packets dropped) on the round trip Tx>Rx>Tx. The addition of the Bluetooth module & Bluetooth earpieces does not produce any measurable drop in the 'Q' and I have been using it for a couple of years flying 3metre gliders at the limit of my eyesight. The DS-24 Tx does have a full metal faraday cage case but I also have a DS-12 Tx which is plastic cased and again the module/earpiece works on that without any issue.
  14. Useful guide on 4-Max https://www.4-max.co.uk/pdf/How-to-wire-up-a-twin-Brushless-aircraft-rev2.pdf
  15. Well remembered Ron! I have the mag in my collection, complete with plan. Tim if you PM me with your address I'll pop it in the post for you. No charge but if you can donate the cost of postage + a bit more to the DEC Ukrainian appeal I think it would be an appropriate gesture. https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal
  16. Afraid it does not ring a bell. Here are all the pages that have V-tail gliders from the 1993/94 Plans Handbook, which includes both Radio Modeller & RCM&E plans. Anything there familiar, perhaps under a different name?
  17. The RCHotel uses (or at least used-I've not been since Covid, hopefully I'll get back this year) Optipower. Typically these last one or two seasons, being charged 5-6 times a day , 7 days a week over 6 months, including those used in EDF's. Turnegys in that environment when Spiros tried them (and sometimes left by guests after a visit) generally expire within a couple of weeks.
  18. Yes, the Graupner 1316 series have been available for 30 odd years & were originally designed & manufactured for IC use. Good sturdy prop, albeit not quite as efficient as some later designs.
  19. The WOT4 Pro has bigger control surfaces & was extensively lightened but is otherwise dimensionally the same as the Wot4 ARTF IC/EP, ie: Specifications Wingspan - 1334mm (52.6") Length - 1185mm (46.5") Mine had the tab referred to on the sub -former just to the rear of the undercarriage position, so everything fitted as per the instructions. I only used the wooden parts of the conversion kit which I found for a few pounds on EBay (it actually came from Inwoods), I guess they had split out the contents for someone who just wanted the motor mount. I fitted the following Axi motor and Axi motor mount: https://www.electricwingman.com/wot4-mk2-artf-power-system.aspx
  20. I converted a Wot4 Pro, which was designed for IC only, to electric. I cut the top of the fuselage to form a hatch which is attached with magnets. Fitting from the top avoids having to invert the model to change batteries. This was important to me as the model is a winter hack and as our field becomes muddy and inaccessible by car, so carrying a model stand is to be avoided. The standard Electric Pack http://www.ripmax.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=A-CF002/ELP wooden parts fitted perfectly.
  21. Or if he wants the luxury option: https://www.nexusmodels.co.uk/5-0in-smooth-inflatable-wheels-pair-db500rv.html
  22. Mike, have a browse of a couple of sites. Paul at Electricwingman is the UK importer of Axi Motors and his site has a useful motor calculator: https://www.electricwingman.com/brushless-motors Putting in 1300grams & glider throws up the following suggestions: If you look up each individual Axi motor on the site it has further set up information. In my experience (I've used both over many years) both Paul at Electricwingman and Neil at Hyperflight are very helpful and provide first class service. Secondly have a browse of this thread where we discussed converting other similar 100" gliders to electric:
  23. Same as DaveyP. They are sold as Vape or E-Cigarette refill bottles, lots available on-line for a few pence.
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