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  1. Hi I use the GT X2 which must be broadly similar to the X4, obviously 2 outputs instead of 4, but very happy with it. Had it a few years now and buying a second as storage charging is a wee bit slow at only 1 amp. I guess that is fairly common though for storage charging. S
  2. Pet hate, you see it quite often. Transmitter is disconnected from lanyard and the lanyard left round neck. Then you’ll see someone stand in front of the prop to start the engine with the lanyard swinging perilously close to the prop arc, and guess which way the air is going……. S
  3. Some years ago now, over 40, but I found my first trainer The Precedent Hi-Boy, a bit of a handful (read into that crashed a few times) Built a Super 60 3ch and a DB Mascot 3ch and I was suddenly flying happily on my own. Worked for me. S
  4. Hi Thanks for the update Bob. I’ll see if I can find a copy S
  5. Thanks for the continuing input folks. I know a power pod was the design option, it is illustrated on my instruction sheets. I wanted to hide the motor if possible. The article by Chris Williams sounds like it may be of help. Does anyone know where the Chris Williams article can be found? Many thanks S
  6. Hi Can someone help with where to get info on electric motors and lipo’s? Thanks S
  7. Thanks Shaun Very good info, when my back let’s me I’ll try and get back in the loft to have a look and get some weight. Being ARTF it will be a good guide straight out of the box. I’ll also have to get into the maths of electrics. Used IC most of the time so what motor or battery works, I’ve never thought about. The size and space will probably allow a 3S set up but when I get it out I’ll get a better idea. I appreciate your help so far. I’ll revert in a couple of days. S
  8. Thanks Shaun Good points. Was looking to use 9-12g servos similar to those specc’d for the RES Eagle. That is to use a 7.4 2S so thinking that may be a template. S
  9. Shaun It’s back in the loft again but there’s a picture here giving an indication that it’s fairly spacious compared to many gliders https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1910538-Vintage-EMP-Apex-glider-from-the-UK
  10. Thanks for the input folks. It is a glass or similar fuselage but I do fancy the idea of an internal motor. Just wondering how to assess the cut. Not keen on keeping it for bungee or tow launches as I’d rather be lazy and launch from a standing position. No longer built for hurrying around a field. I have an Ares Alpine which is great fun and wanted to do something similar. Already have a RES Eagle and motor in the queue. Found the Apex in the loft and was looking how to go about putting a motor in that as well. S
  11. I bought one of the above at the Sandown Expo m-a-n-y years ago. I would like to put an electric motor on it, not the over wing pod type. How do I set about it. No doubt a bit of maths needed. New to gliders so all a bit of a mystery at the moment. Hope you can help. S
  12. Hi Only just getting in to gliders - would a gentle stall work. (Small up elevator?) I can’t see a turn working out that well. From full size flying they seem to need balancing out all the time to stop tightening up. Stall would also be a risk but is this not the point where 3rd party safety overrides?
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