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  1. Checked out the speedbrakes for the rbc kit and it looks very nice but my span is 2m 70 so too small...I'll try to find a 3D enthousiast to enlarge them Thanks for the info ! Meanwhile prepped the speedbrakes-bay and the aileron servo tray
  2. The speed brakes are on the to do list and the room for them is prepaired . However it's possible i will add them after the first flights .Do you have a link for the 3D printed ones?Thanks ! Dirk.
  3. Yes , the weight, allways the enemy! I will be happy with anything under 12kg . With the motor now in the fan i will have arround 10kg of thrust. I saw the fouga of Jörg Rehm on YouTube weighing in at 17kg with 30cm more span and it fly's perfect. Hé has the stronger motor in thesame fan but then the ampèrage goes through the roof !!(200 amps)
  4. Hi H ! It will be powered with a single Schubeler 128mm fan on 12 or 14 s
  5. So , wingribs ! How can you make wingribs for a moulded wing ?!?! There's no way you can mesure it with normal tools . You could close up the two shells , glue them together and cut the wing up in pieces at the location where you want a rib but that's to much work lost. To transfer the inside shape of a rib to wood or paper , i use a special comb , often used to transfer cutting lines on floor tiles It prooves to be very accurate and ideal for the job. You can only transfer one side at a time (upper and lower shell )and the bring the two lines together on paper. This is now done for every rib i want (10pieces) The paper ribs are then cut out and glued onto the wood. I used poplar ply 4mm wich is light but not as strong as birch ply. Birch is very hard to get here and the price is going trough the roof !! The wood is then cut with my old (1997) bandsaw The rbs cut this way fit extreme well with very little sanding needed ! After the fit , i made the holes for the tube and prepaired a spar for the outer part of the wing. wheather this is all strong enough , i have to guess and would be happy with comment of any kind ! Tomorrow i'll prepaire the space for the wing air brakes aileron servo , and wing tip tube. I hope these ribs will fit the second wing so i don't have to go through all this again !That will prove that the wings are symetric to one another !
  6. Hi all ! The wing shells are done now as are the twelve , yes twelve shells for ailerons and flaps ! Next thing to do is to make the internal construction to support the wing tube , retracts , servos , hinges... To support a wing tube , we need ...a wing tube ! I made it myself arround the wing joiner tube , the same way i made the rudder tubes. First , you wrap a layer of plastic arround the joiner to prevent the tube sticking to the joiner. Next comes a glass cloth tube over the plastic , then all you have to do is to bring on the resin and soak the fabric , done. To get the"sock" nice arround the the joiner , jou have to pull it straight and let dry. Next days (weeks) i'll be cutting wood to make ribs and reinforcments
  7. Hi all ! The third wing shell is in the bag !! One more to go...tomorrow
  8. Hi all ! I jumped in this mad challenge and had a lot of fun ! The model was build whitin the time limit , but for finishing i needed another 48 h i think ! (wich was allowed i believe ) The paint was still sticky when we got on the Orme ! All the hard and nerve wrecking work was forgotten when i saw her take the skies ! Unexpected (draggy wing with the inlets closed ) she flew extreme well !! Big thanks to the PSSA for organizing the event and everyone that helped throwing her off the cliffs and for sorting out the CG problems at the fist attempt to fly her... I had a really good time with some good friends !! Video's on my FB page
  9. Hi guy's ! Sorry for not posting anything for a month , but i was really , really busy ! I put the fouga build on hold for some 2 or 3 weeks to take part on the 48 h build with the PSSA gang. It was a total succes and flew very well last weekend on the Orme in Wales ! Thanks Phil Cooke for the foto's ! To think it was just an insulation sheet 3 weeks ago !! The airframe was built in about 48 h but the finishing took just as much time i think...For the ones who do not recognize the model , it's a F2H-2 Navy Banshee from the fifties ! That's all behind us now so i can return to the shop and go on with the fouga wings ! After painting the moulds for the wing shells and ailerons and flaps , everything is ready to start laminating. see you in a couple of day's !!
  10. Finally i can start making the wings ! For me , the most important parts of the airframe ! Got the wing moulds from under the dust and gave them a good clean-up . I removed all the sharp edges not to damage the vacuum bag. As you can see , the shape of the moulds on the backside , is too complicate to keep the vacuum bag free from damage. For this reason i made foam blocks to fill the space between the reinforcements. The blocks are made from 2K liquid foam (PU-foam)and cut to mesure after. At this time i also taped some magnets in place to hold down the airex later For more vacuum bag protection , sharp edges are taped. The moulds are now ready to be waxed and protected with pva demoulding film. Stay tuned the next days , it will be interesting !
  11. Hi all ! The two rudders are ready to adapt to the fuselage but i'm going to make the wings first. My granddaughter Lana (5 1/2 ) wanted to help me to unscrew the bolts that keep the mould halves together. Separating the moulds was no problem and the rudder left the mould easy.
  12. Hi Manish ! It's a 128mm schubeler fan and it will be powered by 12 or 14 cells. It will produce up to 11 kg of thrust. With a more powerfull motor it can go to 13kg of thrust but then the amperage goes up to 200amps !
  13. That's massive Phil !! Looks really well !! Great effort !
  14. Hi all !! I've been working on the second rudder the last two weeks . It's a very time consuming job because each part of the internals has to be hand made and fitted one by one. Anyway , prepared the moulds with wax and pva after a clean-up from the previous rudder. Also taped the moulds where there is no paint needed. (less clean-up ) Next is the lay-up with glass and epoxy : 50gr in the corners , another 50gr overall , 1mm airex , again 50gr glass , this time i used peel-ply so i don't have to sand the inside , perforated plastic , bleeder , and get everything in the bag and turn the vacuum on , done ! Next comes the internal structure : Same as before but with the horn on the other side ! Everything is ready now to glue and close the moulds. That's for tomorrow... Little Matteo , my grandson (2,5 j ) holds the first rudder here to give you an idea of the size :I hope one day he gets to fly one of these !! Some days ago the power plant arrived from Germany !! What a beauty ! First thing i did was fit it to the thrust tube wich was a perfect fit !! It will be in its box for a while untill i start the fuse internals...After the wings...After the tail fit... Greetings from Belgium ! Dirk.
  15. Hi all ! I think i'll go for a mirage 2000 D for this one. The plan is to slice-up my foam board into layers of 5 and 3mm. 5mm for formers and ribs , 3mm for sheeting. The nose will be carved from two half foam blocks ,from the rest of the board , hollowed out to make room for electronics. Ailerons will be made from the balsa sheet. The parts will be glued together wit UHU por to speed things up. I already found a bleuprint with enough sections to draw-up a buiding plan. As i understood , we can do this upfront so i don't have to do this in the 48 hours. It's a fairly simple fuselage and wing ,no tail , and just two servo's to worry about ! Peace of cake ! x
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