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  1. And a smidge more painful for 48" lengths. Any postage is cheaper than driving for miles to get to a not-very-local shop.
  2. Pretty sure aerodynamic drag is a big thing, even at 28mph.
  3. Looking good Jon What are you planning on painting with?
  4. Crikey. Certainly thumbs its nose to the notion of aerodynamic drag. I think I might wait for a more regular (super)mini to come into our price range though.
  5. As you say. The market is already there in some parts of the world. But not here.
  6. I'm not sure which end is the front. Does it need a diesel loco to pull it?
  7. Have you tried the Ioniq 5 yet? Might fit your bill. A proper quality controlled family capable car, it's the first EV I've been impressed with in terms of interior space.
  8. ED would you use bearing fit on ID or OD of the bearing (or both) ?
  9. Are you using some sort of dropper or fine tube applicator? I find that makes the biggest difference. As Jon suggest, the least amount of glue possible. Then go over when it is off the board.
  10. There was the problem with Ecuador stopping work for months because of Covid. I'm sure the world supply is still playing catchup and will be for some time.
  11. Gen 2 DX8 has two aerials. As Shaun says, basic RF link info plus RX volts. They're generally excellent bits of kit but with few bells or whistles, just a really solid basic RX. If you're flying ye olde 40 sized IC they're spot on. 6610 is about £20 more than the 620 I think, with more telemetry. Also has built in altitude/vario plus sockets for a few external sensors such as RPM. What telemetry are you after?
  12. I'm coming to the end of the current build and the two builds at the top of the wishlist are both 60 size models of around 64 or 66". The first (standard balsa construction) is currently looking like around £120 of wood, split around even between surfaces and fuselage. The other is Fugitive (link below) which uses rolled 1/32 ply to form the fuselage built in a jig - this drops the fuselage cost by about half. Interesting technique for anyone set on building with wood. https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=9679
  13. You've already got the current best answer for towing a van around. Horses for courses etc.
  14. Or, buy a 10 year old Leaf for the same money. I have to say I don't see the point in this particular market myself. Obviously they have a lot of interest. I'd also assume that's not a new battery going in? Just appears that a straight motor swap seems to be the worst of all worlds, keeping the box and clutch of an ICE drivetrain. That said, the real stickler for me is that the old affordable second hand cars currently come with old and "well used" (read, big loss of range) batteries. And it seems we're still awaiting a reasonable replacement battery service to be offered for this kind of price point.
  15. nice one Nick - many thanks explains why I couldn't see the thread! are they particularly heavy units? now very interested, if I'm going to spring for a new can, it might as well be one that does the biz, as it were
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