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  1. There are some oldies and goodies in those RM pages. I seem to remember the Hannock Jubilee being a fine glider.
  2. My Little Wingbat originally flew with a dubro mixer on the "aileron" servo. I retained the tandem servos but now use tx mixing with one servo hooked up to each elevon. The Little Wingbat has flown really well in 60mph at Aggy in Cornwall and more recently in 50mph on Mickey's at the Bwlch. I would suggest that 30 to 35mph would be about the upper limit for the Big 'bat.
  3. No need for betting. This is a Wingbat plus, no doubt about it. They fly really well and it will be well worth the effort to refurbish. Good in light to moderate conditions. There is a pdf of the plan on phoenixmp.com in the Stan's mk1 plans folder that will give you the c of g. Whilst some of Stan's sections were not very scientifically derived the Wingbat series was an exception. It uses a specialised flying wing section with reflex. It produces a stable but manouverable aeroplane with good speed range. A cracking aeroplane.
  4. Fus and fin white with red horizontal stripe widening to red cowl. Red pin stripes either side if you are feeling keen. Wings and sailplanes tops. Red and white outbursts. You know you want to.
  5. There or there about. A good conservative starting point. You may end up tweeking it back a bit to taste.
  6. 30% root cord from the LE.
  7. You could try the Mode zero forum.
  8. 11% increase for no extra service seems very reasonable by modern standards.
  9. Update on the situation with repsect to the revision of the Dartmoor national park authority bylaws. DNPA have recently released the following: Work continues on review of Dartmoor's byelaws Dartmoor National Park Authority has today provided a progress update on work to update Dartmoor’s byelaws. On 3 September 2021 a report was taken to Authority seeking approval to launch a review of the current byelaws. At that meeting, Members approved the proposals, including a formal consultation with the public and stakeholders. The six-week consultation, which closed in November 2021, attracted nearly 4,000 responses, which a team of National Park Officers have been carefully analysing. Dr Kevin Bishop, Chief Executive of Dartmoor National Park Authority, said: “We’re committed to ensuring Dartmoor has an updated set of byelaws which are fit for purpose, seek a consistent approach where appropriate to do so, and help protect the National Park in years to come. “We appreciate that people will want to know what’s going on and that’s why we felt it was important to provide this review update. We’re carefully and methodically working through all of the responses received. This is time well spent and is critical to the decision-making process and will continue into February. “Further work will then be informed by impact and sustainability assessments, evidence and legal advice. In view of this, we’re not yet in a position to schedule a firm date for when proposals will go to Authority. We hope it will be this summer, but it is still too soon to know whether that is possible. “However, we will continue to keep people updated as we go. While the review remains in progress, it’s important that everyone continues to respect the current byelaws. In doing so, you’re helping to ‘leave no trace, give nature space’ and are protecting this special landscape for everyone to enjoy.” So for the time being we carry on as before. The operation of unpowered model aircraft is permitted within the National Park. The operation of powered model aircraft or drones generally remains prohibited.
  10. Have a look on Scale Soaring, there is loads of info on there. https://scalesoaring.co.uk/aerotow-releases/
  11. Last S60 I had any experience of was powered by a Merco 61 twin plug 2 stroke. We were aerotowing with it.
  12. At the risk of upsetting you, I would be fitting two hinges per elevator. One near the joined and one towards the tip.
  13. I would have a bit more rudder if I could get it, 20mm or 25mm. Elevator sounds about right at 10mm, certainly no more than that to begin with.
  14. Vapex are good but I will stick with my 2amp AA envelops for a while yet. They suit my sporadic flying sessions and my charging regime. Stick them on charge after breakfast at 0.1C the day before I fly. Take them off before I go out to fly. Works for me.
  15. I would be inclined to use a 2 amp AA eneloop pack for better current delivery assuming your 2500 is an AA. Those mag switches have probably got the lowest residual current drain of any. The same outfit also does a battery backer version. I use them in my F3f planes as do many others. Plug it in when I put the model together, unplug it when I put the model away. A standard heavy duty switch is going to be more than adequate but do buy a good quality JR or Futaba one.
  16. I have an 051 that used to be on a power pod on top of the Impala. Changing from 5% and a 6x3 to 16% and 5x3 certainly helped the performance but the noise was unreal.
  17. My understanding is that these sockets place a permanent current drain on your mains electrical supply. Not a huge one in all probability but if it is on 24 7 365/6 it is going to add up. Just something to be aware of as more and more of our stuff is charged by USB connection.
  18. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill in the DNPA survey. The survey will close on 1st November, so that leaves this weekend as the last opportunity to contribute. Can anybody who hasn't done the survey PLEASE take 10 minutes out of your weekend to fill it in. Even if you have never flown on Dartmoor or have any any intention of ever doing so PLEASE fill in the survey. If this is allowed to happen to Dartmoor model glider pilots, how long will it be before it happens to you? Here is the link to get you started https://www.dartmoor.gov.uk/about-us/who-we-are/byelaws-consultation Please refer to the opening post for the context of the current situation.
  19. https://bmfa.org/News/News-Page/ArticleID/2755/Dartmoor-National-Park-Byelaws-Consultation-Action-required Latest from BMFA. Please do take the time to try and stop what is effectively going to be a BAN on model gliding within Dartmoor National Park.
  20. Like I said, something in there to upset most people!
  21. There a good number of changes in the new bylaws. Something in there to upset almost everybody. Interesting that seems to be nothing on recreational horse riding.
  22. Thanks MattyB. I have a feeling you may be right but filling the survey can't hurt. Manny Williamson is on it now so fingers crossed.
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