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  1. IX12 has been discontinued, IX14 rumoured to be released soon. RCGroups has a thread - Spektrum IX14
  2. Hope all goes well for you. Best Wishes.
  3. Ok, so we're not trying to create a super flat sports field, but I would still be wary of (over) using vibrating rollers etc. Over compacted areas may not drain properly and cause more problems. Just meant as a word of caution.
  4. Wacker plates are compaction, not levelling devices. Compacted soil will not drain properly causing problems later. If the subsoil and topsoil are not level, compacting with a roller, plate etc will only create hard poorly draining patches. Liberal, regular use of a larger light roller stands a better chance of achieving a "smooth" surface. Have you ever seen a Bomag type roller used on a Football, Rugby or playing field? There's a good reason.
  5. You can send Private Messages -PM- by clicking on the members name then clicking the Private Message box on the members info page.
  6. Current, but really only an indication of no, a little or a lot of current. Don't believe the scale if it has one. Nevertheless usually proves quite adequate in letting you know if the glo plug is working.
  7. Andy Kuntz is the fellow, he works for Spektrum and often answers questions on RCGroups forum.
  8. Yes, the wing is removable, retained by 2 6mm nylon bolts.
  9. That's way out of balance, 4.200 volts is a nominal 100% charge. Is the charger set to "balance" charge? If not set it to (slow if available) balance and charge again. It may take quite some time to balance fully.
  10. I know it's been mentioned before, but worth repeating. So as not to lose small parts work on the engine inside a polythene bag. Simple but effective.
  11. The AR637TA can be reprogrammed as a 637T, see here: AR637TA Programming
  12. October issue should be in shops 24th Sept, according to the Next Issue snippet in Septembers magazine. The timings always used to be Digital edition available on Friday before on sale date in shops and hard copy dropped through letter box on Monday/Tuesday after digital edition. Hard copy for subscribers seems to have slipped toward the end of the week rather than the beginning over the last 20 months, understandable during the uncertain times of the pandemic, but I would have thought that things should now be back to normal.
  13. To name a few: e-flite Turbo Timber Evolution 1500mm, FMS Beaver 2000mm ARTF, One of the Riot variants, but fit bigger wheels. I would persevere with high wingers until truly proficient. Warbirds and Multi engine models are a great more demanding of skill and likely to disappoint until you can handle them with confidence.
  14. You might also consider a Spektrum Avian ESC which reports motor current, volts, speed etc., via the ar6610t telemetry. They're not much more expensive than the UniSens unit, the 60 amp 6S unit is about £50, 80amp 8S about £69. Just a thought. Edit - might be a few more £ now, model shop Leeds £72 for the 80 amp version.
  15. 9 volts is the max receiver supply voltage. The battery sensor input is designed for up to 14S - 60volts. See here, just over half way down the page, comment by Andy Kunz, one of Spektrum's engineers. Spektrum battery sensor voltage
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