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  1. Part of my post was missing sorry. My NX did not get full function until registered and upgraded. I was doing a double check on your process as it is the way to go. The thumbwheel does confirm inputs, so is the last click Again Does all available local Wi-Fi show on your screen.
  2. Forgive the narna type questions Robert But have you registered the NX. To Update the NX As from there you log into wifi. Does all the available Wi-Fi on your location show on the list? As always, YouTube shows you how
  3. Just got replies from 2 Dawn Flyer builders at my club Bas. Both within design AUW of 2lb 12oz 1270grams All gear forward Leads to 3oz and 4oz added for C of G. These builders are like others on this site who select the wood for tail feathers very carefully.
  4. Castor oil Will emulsify White when water droplets are added.
  5. Download the instructions from here Click on Documents are in English at the back end of the book https://www.krickshop.de/Models/RC-Airplanes/Grunau-Baby-1-6-Construction-Kit.htm?shop=krick_e&SessionId=&a=article&ProdNr=10190&p=62
  6. With 11 x 6 and 12 x 6 being in such short supply Maybe just use whatever make is to hand Nice to see you chose the 4 stroke.
  7. When HM Revenue and Customs have a case, they confiscate both the " substance and it's container " the " container " being your car or your van !
  8. That chap is a decent flyer Despite the motor
  9. I generally accessories 1/72 diecast and plastic, then weather or complete respray. This Jeep is 45mm long. The next job is weathering.
  10. 2.4gig is amazing and is designed to operate in difficult circumstances. We just strive to present the best connection. The weakest Tx signal is the straight aerial pointing straight at the model, but it is still a signal and usually for a short time in a poor situation. Every lump of metal in the model, servos, motor, battery pack Can put the antenna in a " shadow " at some point. Is why we have 2 antenna So keep these away and diverse as best you can, from lumps of metal.
  11. Brilliant pictures John Have Always been ok with 7.5 - 8lb auw with my .60s but they were glow. Petrol must be pretty close to that.
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