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  1. You may be aware of this John, and still decided not to go ahead yourself, Or you may not be aware, of how to do an on circuit board repair. Electronic repair was part of my employment. We heat sink around the repair so as the heat does not travel down the printed circuit track. Easily done with blue-tac, absorbs heat beautifully. Roll out suitable diameter snakes of the blue-tac and surround and press down onto your circuit board, above and below if you can. If the solder on your switch is a good thickness, or thin we have two ways to get this off or both. A desolder pump, and desolder braid, and a good clean hot soldering iron. The iron melts the solder, and the pump sucks the wet solder up. Then place your braid in good contact with the board and heat this up, and very soon, there will be no solder holding your switch down. You can remove the broken switch and replace with new.
  2. I don't have this kit Peter, but I did download the manual, and could not find your red plastic covers, But now you have. From your photos, this does look an excellent and complete kit, and the extra paraffinalia does look to up to date and of excellent quality. Watching with interest.
  3. Exactly Paul, life is too short 2 Mid airs, have chopped my model in half both times, But did they chop me Or did I just get in the way? We just got our other models out and tried again.
  4. We finally got there. Models are expendable in an instant, and this risk increases if you leave them on the ground underfoot.
  5. Pre-prepare lolly pop sticks, with sandpaper glued flat at one end or both I cut different grades and sandwich flat a number of sticks and sandpaper, wood glued And when dry, cut excess paper from around the sticks To make ideal controllable sanding
  6. Inspirational, magnificent shots
  7. From my experience of the model, it is too heavy, and the wing does not support the model in flight, so has to be flown and landed like a missile. We cannot easily reduce the overall weight as the model is quite small, and any worthwhile reduction in weight would make it flimsy. We can thicken the leading edge with straws glued to the outer 4inches, under the leading edge, to provide lift. We can glue on inboard flaps, about 3 inches at 20° to air lift. In my view, the wing needs to be thinner and of an airfoil profile, with half inch to the chord for the whole span Or about 2" span added to each wing tip. It appears the wing was added to the model just to look good.
  8. Agreed spudsy this is a flying field loss incident. If you allow me a little sarcasm, reading through The message could be: You can now be careless with your models and gear as the BMFA will pay out for it ! ! ! ! My belief is that modelling gear is expendable and can be lost in an instant. This wing was lost due to carelessness on somebody's part and is gone ! Careless owner left the part in harms way, then it was destroyed. How is the BMFA responsible? If the BMFA payed out on this, would the flood gates open as we cash in our less popular models under car wheels? It is just Wrong, a model lost is gone.
  9. I am very lucky to fly a top end FPV Fixed Wing provided by a close flying mate at our patch. It is brilliant, and worth every penny. As you found, the Goggles are paramount in the experience, and agree with Ron, give it a try to see if you take to it. The " in cockpit " experience pays you back big time.
  10. I had the same experience Allan, with what looks like Humbrol Tins sold as Matt and drying gloss. They look like Humbrol labels, but I sent 2 tins to the manufacturer and they confirmed the paint was not their formula. Nothing is sacred to someone somewhere making a few quid copying anything, they even copy £1 Duracell batteries.
  11. Just Engines Supply custom made silencers Roy
  12. Your logic is correct Skip. Ail 1 Mount as per instructions, Arrow forward on the C of G Mount in a Pre - Trimmed model, or it will work overtime. Set the Gain low to start, about half of the full turn of each pot. Enjoy flying in wind when no one else dare to up!
  13. https://bmfa.justgo.com/clubFinder.html Search Ledbury here Anthony
  14. With this idea of " Limiting the Throttle " An ESC does the least work at Full Throttle as it virtually joins the battery leads to the motor direct. Point being, that with a lower end point travel on the throttle will result in All the flight Warming up the ESC, All of the time So, consider cooling the ESC more thouroughly, or Just fit the correct motor, with the right prop, using the correct battery, and fly full power when needed.
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