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  1. (*)(**) Set the transmitter's modulation as "PPM" to use the TM-7, TM-8.(**) With selection of "7ch" or "8ch" mode via switch, the receivers above listed are available.With R6014FS, available channel is limted as 8ch since the transmitter's limitation. With T7U, the R608FS and R6014FS are available with "8ch" mode but available channel is limited as 7ch since the transmitter's limitation
  2. Is your gear ticked as comparable on these charts Gary
  3. That is the same pattern of About half a dozen easy to use giros Graham It goes between your receiver and your servos And needs mounting flat below or around your wing tube/ C of G With the leads to the rear of the model, as the Aeroplane Symbol on the microchip is showing you the orientation. The round pots need setting for Gain at about midway, so turn each fully forward and back, to find the middle. 1SW is your On/ Off switch normally set to Ch 5 or Aux1 on your tranny. Go fly it
  4. Just a quick one Matt Your Receiver, has as much to do with Range, if not more than your Transmitter. If it is just one receiver in one model, then look at the installation again. If it is all your receivers, then look at maybe one of two more up to date receivers. Flying above our eyeline, range is quite good, but at lower levels, down in the tree line, we can be 400 - 800 feet, which is not that far, depending on the Maker, but is still in the design realms of " line of sight"
  5. Download instructions from here Brian http://www.ripmax.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=A-CF011&Category=010-035#:~:text=The Chris Foss Phase5-E is an extremely versatile,accuracy from a combination of balsa and plywood.
  6. Denis Watkins

    Taranis X9D+

    Check your transmitter case Is not pressing down where it should not be Aim to apply support pressure where your hand grips are, and not across the middle of the Tx
  7. Search around RC model adjustable aileron servo horns David
  8. Kim is right Graham, for a Free Flight had to have some predisposed help, a 4 channel proportional radio control model has an on-board pilot. With own designs where the thrust line is above or below, or the motor at the front of at the rear of the wing, then some alternate thrust may be required, but I must admit that all my 4 channel+ models have zero side of up or down thrust set up.
  9. Give us some accurate measurements of the original servos Dave, You know, there are 100s of micro servos available. E-flite would not have invented a new servo for this model, They have already used an available servo and designed straps for their model to hold them in the wing.
  10. The trick with Wide Open Throttle Simon, is to have your finger over the carb intake at the same time. A similar effect is to momentarily block the exhaust outlet while cranking. There is very little draw with WOT alone. Your glow plug elements need to look like chrome, and not look a dull grey. The blow method 1st tune is an excellent method, so revisit that.
  11. Have searched for about an hour the discontinued info as you have, since Sunday Dave and like you, have not found a fitted diagram. this may help others help you. E-flite A380 9g Sub-Micro MG Servo, SPMA380 are Very small servos.
  12. That is a nice idea from Paul, and a logical choice, but as HQ states, it does not work with the pot. This is because the stick position for proportional control through the brushed controller for say fast idle, sets the power to " more off pulses, than on power pulses " and for greater speed from the motor, more On than Off. Am trying to keep it simple but also to make sense.
  13. Colour is a bit subjective David, as you realise, but my HK example is " Lime Green " in my view, And from a distance the colour is not unlike the undercoat they use on some aircraft internals and pre-paint.
  14. And, the Royal Mail supports, with monetary contributions to " third world postal services " and China, is still on the third world postal services List
  15. You are both on it Digger, wet paper or dry paper. Like you say, very fine grit wet and dry and use a drop of washing up liquid. I use soap, and wipe the wet grit paper across the soap now and again. Wash off and put the paint on the clean abraided surface. I spray, but you can brush, but don't forget that you are adding weight.
  16. Critical, oversensitive needle Andy Is more likely plumbing/ pressure leak, cracked fuel tube/ tank pressure leak Or dirty needle/ carb gunge / partial mechanical breathing blockage
  17. In truth, we are only on our undercarriage a few seconds Steve But those lightweight solid foam wheels on single wire, will do you no favours on landing on the hard stuff. Any softer, pneumatic type tyred wheel will help you. Brilliant build BTW.
  18. With all Tx sticks at neautral, and model sat on its wheels Switch On Press the F/S Button on the Rx Blue light does its check
  19. 2.4ghz was adopted by the military to operate in crowded environments, and may frequency hop or other to maintain a signal. Just look at the flightline at a model show with 10 and 20 pilots in the air at one time, and countless hundreds of onlookers with phones in their pockets, just feet away. The airwaves are more crowded then ever, but 2.4ghz does its magic operating sucessfully. We give it the best chance we can, by charging battery packs, having a frequent voltage check routine, and fitting and aligning aerials and antenna as best we can. Drop outs and fades will occur, but the equipment 're-acquires in milliseconds. Installation and adequate power are key.
  20. While reading through Robert I think Spektrum Model match may scupper your plans. Spectrum Tx insist on talking to one receiver at a time. Is it essential to use a pair? Or if the question is incomplete, there is a Voltage Port.
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