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  1. hi Jon, unfortunately the undercarriage is in the way. Looks like a hopper system then..or should I just test fly it as it is? bill
  2. Stampe now has laser 150 fitted. Nearly ready to test fly. Getting a car on/off field a challenge. A few questions please; 1. As the carb is lower than the tank has anyone tried a perry pump? 2. Does anyone know the propshaft size so I can get a domed nut for both laser 150 and 180 please. Thanks Bill
  3. I just bought a Model with Dla 35ra fitted and was planning to use the aspen 2 as it comes in the container. Bill
  4. Does anyone have the incidences of the top and bottom wing of their model? The real aircraft is 3.3 degrees upper and 4 degrees lower. Thanks Bill
  5. Bought it secondhand. Think its a precedent one
  6. Renovation nearly completed. Lasor 150 fitted. Just cowl to sort out.
  7. Original designed by Graham Dorschel who does the Vulcan. He is on Facebook or if you pm me I can give you contact details. Bill Had one from Graham it was electric and flew great
  8. Thanks Nick. I am limited to 7 kg at my local club and my other club requires a " b ' certificate for over 7 kg.
  9. Quick questions ....my Stampe , currently undergoing renovation , needs replacement wing struts and with a laser 150 should come out at 6.5kg without fuel. 1. Are the flying wires functional? 2. The Laser 150 weighs 953 gm....what will a laser 180 petrol with electronics and ignition battery weigh? 3. Will the 150 run OK inverted with the tank as in photo ? ( its not the laser in the photo ) thanks Bill
  10. Hi, Round two sounds great. The Model is is a reasonably long way off. The spacewalker is functionable but flies great. Airborne in 20 ft , drifts about at less than 1/2 throttle and uses a minimal amount of fuel. Bill
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