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  1. EB, rather premature to call it summer? I'll go with Spring and look forward to summer
  2. BC, Please share your design, firstly we might be able to assist and secondly steal your "better than we could have" design.
  3. I have used the Buckminster ones a couple of time and IMHO They are big, ok if everyone flies large models Heavy, as in these need quite an effort to shift especially over long grass Don't fold up Good news, they will never blow over! Looking at our one, its lighter overall (has 3 legs, not a good thing IMO)and does not have adjustable retaining posts. This is ok until someone turns up with a twin and then the pitch is all wrong! I would almost be tempted to try a bench (as in flat table) with something like Unistrut or even holes for large dowels to fit into along the front edge. That way people can move the dowels to suit there model + it might make it easier to pack the table up with folding type legs. Have tried the Unistrut with L brackets for the uprights, but people love to leave the bolts loose although they are adjustable with a spanner. There must be others out there? PS - Worth pointing out there is a flaw in the design and quit serious at that! If you have a low wing model (and in this case it was IC) and the tail is not restrained then it can try and nose over. As the model tried to do this (due to throttle being set near wide open on start up) he put his arm over the prop arc to catch the canopy and thus stop the prop hitting the bench.
  4. Photo evidence prior to take off in very challenging weather conditions, flying was ok just the landing part!
  5. On Jon's point of reducing or eliminating the single range (personally would be gutted) as I think think there is a place for 70's and 80's engines for acrowots and VQ models for people wanting to enter IC flying. However this has come up in Richard's WB Replicas threads and the point is that as electric components are cheap compared with IC in the 70/80 size 4 stroke arena then people and manufacturers will focus on electric only designs and will be exacerbated if IC engines prices go up due to material/energy costs. No idea, but is there is another step change in battery technology through increase in capacity/reduction in cost then the change will be more pronounced. Perhaps the market for IC will drift towards larger and larger IC engines because of the convenient of electric in that area of the hobby. I can certainly see more clubs excluding IC due to noise issues (while they ignore electric pusher & EDF) and so the IC flyer may look to the larger models to make it more worthwhile. From my perspective I am prepared to travel longer distances to fly IC with better facilities/runway that suit models over the 70 four stroke size range. To the point that perhaps I would even consider the >300 size engine range to fit a suitable size model, just pack one and enjoy the splendor of a multi cylinder four stroke thundering around the sky. Do the inline engines suffer any more than a single when it comes to tank position (assuming the tank is in the right place to start with), ok it may need an additional clunk line, but to me it look a good solution for the pointy nose warbirds range? Ok cooling needs a bit of work, but Jon can advise + others have completed installs as reference.
  6. Its chicken and egg for me, but made easier now I have a better venue to fly at so I'll consider engines larger than 200 looking forward. Still surprised about the FT needle comments and based on my poor knowledge of what's available I would vote for the inline in the larger capacity. The logic is it will fit a larger range of available models and hence you should be able to sell more. IMHO as for petrol, its of no interest to me as the complexity/reduced reliability (due to the number of components involved) does not outweigh simplicity/reliability of glow PS I probably consumed more fuel at OW than all of my models being flown over the three days from a cost perspective (nice cakes!) PPS Please absolutely no more talk about a Laser radial.....It was bad enough seeing a V4 on Jon's test stand...
  7. I have DX8 gen 1 and DX gen 2 and didn't realize until I got the gen 2 that you can't transfer models between TX's with the sim card + on the basis that the NX series are current in production kit I would go for a NX series TX. As suggested if you don't need 8 channels go for a NX6 if cost is an issue and keep the DX8 gen for your DSM2 RX's IMHO I would stick with Spektrum RX's as I have had models lost with some Lemon RX's, but others had no issues so perhaps its a DX8 gen 1 issue. PS Not forgetting that Logic RC are the official UK Spectrum service agent (others are available) Hope that helps and let us know how you get on
  8. IMHO I don't think traders will return to events. Is it worth a day packing stuff up, two days trying to sell parts/kits to people that will just buy off the internet and whine about the show price, plus another day unpacking it all again. Not forgetting the cost to get there and get in. Possibly big events might break even if the organizer does not charge the earth for the pitch and they get a load of punters buy stuff.
  9. Great model there John and you do yourself a disservice to say its mutton dressed as lamb. Really interesting to see the techniques used to overcome the various problems and I can only dream of ending up with a model looking as good and flies as well as that. Top man and I hope to be able to see it flying some day soon.
  10. Great weekend, weather was better today and the wind kinder although it still had a habit of swinging to cross wind and catching some out (me included!). Really liked the relaxed feel of the event and it was well organized. Definitely suits models with big wheel, well sprung UC and a reluctance to nose over! Three out of four flown and that was only due to a pesky on board glow not working....clearly not a Laser engine
  11. Tempted to take the Eurobat with the FT200, but the only room I have might be for a small Focke ! Plus I didn't think it was really that sort of event, although having never attended as a flyer I am not sure what to expect anyway!
  12. Jon, bring the model you are most comfortable with and if its the La7 so be it, as Outrunner said the model is a moment in time and times change. PS I saw on Flypast a Hurricane fully marked up in German colour scheme, read the article and it made perfect sense as to why it was painted that way, just needs to be seen in context and if people can't its not your problem.
  13. I'll see what I can fit in the car, but was hoping to get the cub and DR 1 (Laser 150) in plus perhaps something else in the WW2 era that is Laser powered Checking over and engine tests permitting the car will be at 100% capacity with models.
  14. Hi Ron, Really sorry to say, but the test needs to be as per the requirements or its not representative of a full and correct test. I have experienced club testers that did not follow the guidance and thus failed the model. Another approved tester took over and carried out the test correctly and the model passed. The last two models were a Laser FT200 and a Super Tigre G30 powered and were very challenging with initial dB levels in excess of 88dB. By far the worst noise levels is from facing the prop (86dB compared with 78 dB from the other three sides) and with any sort of breeze I get a "zingning" and the reading is all over the place. The G30 it just scrapped through with the prop canted just off vertical to stop additional wind noise or either stand there until the light breeze subsided. The reality is that both models fly at 1/2 throttle, but that's not the point. The rules are the rules unless they get changed (very unlikely) so either comply or fly where there are less noise restrictions. Just don't get me on the subject of over propping - no winners in that game IMO
  15. Wow, a better man than me who can tell a battery voltage is sagging by the sound of the prop from a model in flight. PS I'll give George a call and discuss ESC settings as my understanding of ESC's was that the speed of the motor was relative to the throttle position and the IGBT's would just switched longer to achieve the same motor speed setting irrespective of relatively small changes in lipo voltage.
  16. These days, of course, telemetry is a boon. But constant need to input more rudder could also tell you that one battery is struggling! I don't think electric works like that unless you set up soft cut on the ESC. The standard ESC setting is LVC and it can be latching so once its trigged it it will only come out of LVC with a battery recycle! And this is the problem, once you hit LVC you basically only have one motor available. Not forgetting that if you have 2 ESC's off one Lipo, one will LVC before the other, just best not get to that point. A bit lie running out of fuel with IC on a twin, you take the risk, then you pay the consequence!
  17. Will be a lot of EV's all looking for charging points in car parks , but roads should be clear!
  18. Hi, You could just move the LVC on the ESC very low and avoid the issue that way. This would mean only activating LVC by flying around for just too long which is common or electric or IC. With my BH and SG mossies achieving C of G has been a challenge, thinking about removing IC engines and replacing with electric motors and batteries might be something you look at early stages. My SG mossie (IC) has flight battery in the nose and even brass spinner nuts. The BH mossie has oversize motors (just for weight!) and again a 4S500 lipo aand 2S1000 RX lipo in the nose to achieve C of G. Keep us posted with the BT mossie and it might be worth a chat with George at 4Max....he has a ASM Tigercat ...that's electric so clearly found a solution (solved it with mine 2 x Laser 100's!). PS as for the balance lead idea, the smaller the CSA of the wire the greater the volt drop, so with say small wires the lipos would not balance and you would get the same issue/blow the fuse and have the same problem. Another solution is to use telemetry to warn you either or both lipo's are struggling.
  19. IMHO you need to discuss this with George, I have a number of models that have worked perfectly ok with long battery leads on 4Max motor/ESC set ups with no issues. In fact if you look on the 4Max web site quite a few multi motor set ups use long battery to ESC arrangements. Just because a non 4max product failed, you do not need to spook the herd on the "old capacitor" requirement. This is a case of not all products are the same as I understand CC still specify capacitors to be used, but not 4Max products. If in doubt consult with the manufacturer/agent/expert e.g. Call George and have a chat.
  20. LVC cutout can be achieved a number of ways, firstly by gently discharging over a long period of time, secondly with high current draw (edf's) that can cause a short term dip into standard LVC territory on take off/WOT use. Hence is standard practice to move the LVC point lower to avoid unwanted operation. Is there any practical downside of paralleling balanced lipos as opposed to running separate lipos?
  21. Contacted Jon a couple of weeks back and discussed at length model suitability and engine compatibility. Selected engine and less than 2 weeks later got a call saying it was ready for collection (could have been posted, but I was returning a 150 for service). Installed, second flick and it started, no adjustment and it was off for a noise test and fly. Sorry, but my days of hammering ultra expensive lipos with edf's has passed.
  22. With all due respect the PZ mossie (had one nice model) has not got the sting as either the BH or SG mossies and if in an emergency gear up every time. With full flap it needs to be held up with the power and use the drag as your brake, I heard Hurricanes drop their flaps 90 degrees to achieve very short landing rolls as they have plenty of power on tap! Well worth watching Eric "Winkle" Brown conducting mossie carrier landings , just total respect and the book "Wings on my sleeve" is a good read. I had a weird motor issue and on the maiden after all was sorted I tried a few diving WOT low (to me!) passes when in the middle of one there was a nasty screech and the port motor totally quit. I chopped the throttle while I worked out what had just happened and planned to climb very slightly and the start a gentle bank to the right for an emergency landing. The mossie had other ideas and smartly dropped its port wing (as in 90 degrees) and pointed itself directly and vertically at the ground. Instinctively I put some up in as it approached the ground. No time or airspeed to flair, just straight on to the ground. Needless to say there were more than 2 brown marks that day! Investigation found that the manufacturers soldered motor bullet connectors were very poorly soldered and under their heat shrink . Under WOT the solder melted and blew out.
  23. Hi HQ, Great to see you getting on so well with the mossie and not sure if its the right model practice on as I find gear down, flaps mid always makes for a neutral track. But if you have a short runway full flaps are very effective on such a light model, so steep approach roll out, power down and very little roll out. Its definitely a different technique as I leave a reasonable about of power on to hold the tail down, but it does work.
  24. On the point of the wing tube and more importantly I was going to chip in about he retracts and its only my opinion from experience. Clearly the UC needs to be strong enough for normal landings, but I would not beef it up anymore than that on most models and especially the BH mossie as its such a light construction. if you get the landing wrong you will bend a pin, tough but if you have a spare its NP. If you beef the UC up and lump it in it will rip the servo mounting plate out of the nacelle or rip the nacelle out of the wing. The latter will be a lot of work to put right (I wonder how I know). A bit like the wing tubes, good enough for normal use, bend and save additional damage to the wings/fuselage. You could put a carbon tube but in the event of a crash it will rip its way through the wings. Out of interest where did the play come from regarding your flap mod? Linkage or flex ? and were the rod tangs glued into the flaps or just slotted?
  25. Hi Jon, Are the in lines more than 363g heavier (as my lead is directly under the FT crankcase) than the in lines? Really makes do difference in the big scheme of things as warbirds often need lead up front anyway and the Eurobat needed lead. Or just shift the bulkhead back a bit if it really becomes a issue with where the spinner sits.
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