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  1. I had one very many years ago and it was a reliable motor despite being a finger biter. Does it idle? if not then someone may have turned the idle screw all the way in. Unscrew it about 2 1/2 turns then try again. They have a simple carb so there could well be a blockage of oil etc in the main jet.
  2. I built the TN 134" quite a few years ago with two OS 52s and two 26s. Should have used four 52s because by model standards it was under powered, but the only tanks I could squeeze in were two 8oz and two 6oz. I stupidly attempted to fly it at the club scale day (it had been successfully flown previously a few times) but the conditions were not ideal and it headed for a tree. Automatically applying aileron was a mistake, I should have used rudder. End of model. I still have the plans which you are welcome to if you pm me. I now have an o/d 81" one which is electric on 28/30 800kv motors. You may remember it being shot down at Greenacres but was repaired. I had a weak HK 3 blade prop break in the air but was able to land on three. It now has APC 10x7 two bladers and they all now rotate the same way with no ill effects.
  3. I take it that you are using a 3S 2200, not 4S which would cause your problem.
  4. I had an enforced modelling layoff for about nine years and my oldest is now a 2m Dalotel, maidened at the first open aero meeting in July 2000. At nearly 5kg the OS 91FX would scarcely loop it but a YS 110 fixed that. Now sports an OS 120 FS and to say that it is showing its age is a bit of an understatement but it has been flown most weekends for 20 years. I have another slightly smaller one which uses a Dave Smith Models wing core which must be at least 40 years old.
  5. Much to the surprise of my LMS (JDM) I bought a DS22 kit, no collective pitch, Meteor 60 for power, never flown a heli before, but I could fly it round in figures of eight OK. Despite a motor change it seized twice at a great height. The descent was rather difficult because of the time delay from shutting down the motor. Got fed up with 10 hrs repairing for one hr flying so got rid of it.
  6. If this is of any help, I built a TN Mossie with Propdrive 50/50 motors and low Z capacitors fitted to the ESCs so that I could extend the battery wiring. On the second take off it suddenly slewed to the left, hit a bump which got it airborne and flipped over. Upon investigation the left ESC was only giving less than half power. I can only assume that the extended wiring caused damage despite being modified correctly, so just don`t do it.
  7. I have been there quite a few times, and even at the end of a season the packs were not too bad. They also used Optipower fuel so no doubt got a good deal.
  8. Presumably the 4 Max ones have a lower IR although I have never bothered to measure it. Against a Zippy Compact pack of the same capacity and C rating I have found that I get considerably higher power over a longer period. Not trying to say that the capacity is any different but the voltage remains more constant over the discharge curve. I recently had to test fly seven Rxs using a 3S 2200 and did not need a second pack.
  9. I suppose that most of mine are Zippy compacts which are mainly OK, but anything with nanotech in the name is utter junk. The best by far from HK are Multistars. Despite the price, I have recently bought some from 4 Max and they are in an altogether different league.
  10. I use kiln dried block paving sand in large bags such as the ones supplied with oven cleaner. Works great with an even weight.
  11. Just an update. I got some stronger props but the thrust was useless. After covid I decided that two blade ones would be much more efficient so got some APC style E ones from AliExpress for £1.50 each. Unfortunately the spinners I bought would not fit that style of prop and I was concerned that the lack of alloy ones would shift the cg back too much but no problem in the end. Static thrust is now very strong so took it up today. Pylon racer like take off but I can now fly round on half throttle comfortably. No problems and a slow landing was achieved with full flap. Quite chuffed.
  12. I sometimes use a TGY 6i or 10i with ia6B`s. No problems, but a 10i will certainly not bind with an ia6. Send me a pm then your Rx and I can easily check it out if you wish.
  13. No, not yet. I have a spinal problem making walking very difficult and carrying a model and kit out to the field even more so until it is resolved. However, one of my sons could be available to assist for the next couple of days when the weather conditions look to be ideal so I shall see.
  14. That really did look tricky to do, makes me wonder how the designer got on with it. I take it that the ply was pre-cut in the kit. My 1:5 Vailley Hurri had some rather grey areas too, although I did not have a kit to work with. 96", 50cc petrol and 28lbs (mainly due to the stringers being spruce, thus requiring 1kg of lead in the nose). A doddle to fly and seems almost lighter than air after an engine cut.
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