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  1. Any idea when the low oil fuel will be around again? I've used it since it was launched and its obviously far cleaner than the full fat version and the engines don't appear to perform differently.
  2. Wow, that 180 will be working hard! I like how you've installed the 240, cooling is key, as ever!
  3. I'll be watching with eager anticipation!
  4. Its a DB kit. A Z38 is one option. Plenty of power and heavy but it's still a 2 stroke.
  5. I've been reading with interest. Some good work there and looks the business! I'm just about to start a Hurricane build and the thing worrying me the most is the engine choice. I'd like a Laser and I know Jon was building one with a 200 in a significantly modified kit. Ideally a 180 is what I'd like but I don't think it'll have enough oomph! I'm not keen on 2 Stoke Chinese stuff, with the other option being an OS or Saito 4s petrol. I know Wayne Cox has just started one and is using an OS40. Do you have a weight yet for your Spitfire Tim? Cheers
  6. I just did a mock order on Motion. L39 was showing as €435, but when I went to checkout it was €362.5. Country selected was UK and it does say VAT Europe only. Looks like the difference will be collected by FedEX, so probably not that much more expensive.
  7. Hi all I was sent a link by Petes family should anyone wish to donate. **LINK**
  8. Thanks Jon. Alan P may have been referring to a DB Hurricane which I have, still in its box. I think if built light and as you say, around the engine it might just do it. Would need the firewall moving back or significantly changing due to it being a short nose aircraft as plan at least.
  9. Ooh, thats nice. I've got a 200v and 300v, so an inline version for a warbird with suitable cooling would be lovely. How long is the engine Jon? Cheers
  10. Looking at the government webiste. I can't see any reference to UAV or drones on the DfT webpages, or under the responsibilities of Baroness Vere. Has another department taken on the responsibility or has another minister taken it on?
  11. Thanks folks. I eventually found some OS F plugs in Austria, so ordered some. No stock at all in UK.
  12. I've recently noticed I'm lacking any spare glow plugs and have happily been using OS F plugs in most of my 4 strokes including the six lasers and 2 ASPs i regularly fly. Having searched all the usual suppliers it seems no one has any OS F plugs and very few OS plugs of any kind. What do people recommend as an alternative, as I've used F plugs for 10 years now and never needed to use anything else. Thanks
  13. Issue all docs and reports by email. Ask for nominations by email. Thats probably the easiest way to do it. Anyone without a computer could have it all posted or relayed to them, as these days its rare anyway. Or postpone AGM and have EGM when meetings can resume on assumption that all committee and members are happy.   As for subs Bacs, posted cheques, cash at the field or at the home of the relevant club official in person. As membership secretary, thats how I intend to do it. Edited By Chris Berry on 15/09/2020 09:26:06 Edited By Chris Berry on 15/09/2020 09:27:09
  14. Our club normally has a sign in/out book. Name, date, time in/out. Our landlord required us to cease using that back in May due to covid but hopefully it will be resumed in a few months. Since then we've operated a very simple excel spreadsheet. Members phone email, text. WhatsApp, pony express etc etc me and I add their names to the list. Initially there were slots/time limits now we've increased numbers but are still able to manage bookings. We looked at online systems but not all our members are online/computer savy and it allows us to control attendance rather than have a free for all on an online system.
  15. Having read up, or at least tried to, on this topic on the UK and Scottish government websites I suspect many hobby and activity clubs and societies will be in a similar position to us. I.e. no provision in the guidance and open to interpretation, as with most legal documents. As I see there are two aspects to this. Clubs and non clubs. It could be argued that those who fly from private club sites, for which you pay a subscription are operating under the auspices of an organisation and therefore it is an organised activity with covid secure protocols. This could enable booking, tracing, the control of numbers, sanitiser etc Secondly, those who fly from public, non subscription sites such as slopes or parks, then it is no different to parents taking there children to a park. Multiple families and children at a park, playing on the swings, all independent, all going there as individuals to use the same equipment but not gathering.
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